15 MINUTE CHRISTMAS container garden makeover

Quick Refresh From Fading Summer to Festive Holidays

OK! Full disclosure...I know I come off as a decorating, crafting whiz but I will not climb on a ladder and hang lights from the rooftop! So, I look for other way to splash some festivity to the outside of my house!

The two urn containers in the front of my house had a couple of ponytail palms fading to a sickly green and brown since the summer ended. Truthfully, I really hadn't thought much about it between all the rushing around until I was wondering around the grocery store and passing the floral section I found little potted evergreen trees. They were so cute in their frilly little shiny red and green foil wrappers that I picked up two of them.

I also found a Christmas fern with a bright red ornament and an ornamental cabbage to pair with the evergreens.

I was surprised at the prices too! You all know I tend to be on the thrifty side. Alright! I'm cheap! The little trees were only $5 and the ornamental plants were each $4. I didn't think that was too bad. Plus I know I've got a bag of left over poinsetias at home that can bring the red to these greens.

Creating a Winter Wonderland in a Tropical Swamp!

Here in the South we don't see much snow so creating a Winter Wonderland takes a big imagination. Most of the time folks down here just decorate their palm trees to save time and make it easy!

I know the black urns look a little cheesy but I bought them because they are light and easier to work with even if filled with dirt. I got rid of my gardens because it was getting hard to do the heavy lifting and shoveling so container gardening is all I have left. The up side is that I can create a whole new garden in a few minutes and don't have to break my back. The point is that sometimes you've got to give a little!

So, I pulled out the ponytail palms and stored in other pots in case I feel like switching them back out in spring.

I arranged the plants by placing the baby evergreen trees in the center of each pot and one ornamental off to one side from where the pot faces front. After that I found that I liked just two red poinsettias for accent and didn't like any arrangement I could come up with more bows or frills. I thought that the dark blue-green of the tiny trees and the variegated ornamental with the red poinsettias was just enough!

Decorating With Live Christmas Trees that Grow Up

I'm anxious to find out if these small evergreens will continue to grow and maybe next year or years to come they may be glorious tall trees stretching almost to the roof which will be glorious decorated!

Growing decorations provide great centerpieces inside and out ... and perhaps for many years to come!

If you are looking for more quick gardening ideas check out 15 Minute Front Entrance Christmas Decorations where I took the container by my front door and stuffed it with Christmas greenery!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!