Quick and Festive Greetings

OK! I’m not a green thumb kind of gal...I openly admit it. In fact, I poured concrete across the front of my house to eliminate a garden and create a patio. Now, I just have a few pots to attend.

But if you are a gardener or even if not (like me) you probably at least have some small container of plants near your front door and that is where we are going to focus for this 15 minute re-decorate for Christmas cheer!

I transformed the urn style container garden at my front entrance from the herb garden left over from summer to this cheery greeting of greens and reds.

What’s new? Well, I bought the rosemary Christmas Tree from the local Feed and Seed shop for just about $15 and that was the most expensive addition.

You’ll be surprised to know that I only added one other plant and that was the cabbage which also came from the Feed and Seed Store for a cost of about $3. The other greens are left over from the herbs planted last spring. They are the chives which are the long stem grassy fronds extending around the snowman and an orange thyme plant front and center.

Adding Christmas Decorations to the Existing

Below is an image of what I started with...the chives and orange thyme left over from spring plantings.

I cleaned up any leaves or dead stems of those herbs that faded with the summer and trimmed the browning ends of the chives.

I added the rosemary tree in the back since it is the largest and the cabbage tucked in nicely next to the thyme. After that I decorated with a rocking horse decoration that I have had since I was a child and a snowman ornament that I picked up at the dollar store. Then a few pointsetias from the dollar store were tucked in for color.

Decorating With Year Round Ornaments

These bunnies are on my door step year round and I love them. It was easy to make them part of the Christmas Decorations with red ribbons tied in bows around their necks.

To make decorating cheaper on the budget (which is a special goal this time of year) is to use what is already there and enhance those things with dollar store, thrift store and flea market finds. Better yet, look through the decorations you have collected over your lifetime and I’m sure you will find some of the old ones that you love but just doesn’t fit your current tastes can be useful in Christmas Decorations like this.

Wrap Up This Christmas Decoration

I was done before I knew it and on to other pressing issues that this time of year presents.

Some final points to make...Since this little Christmas Container garden contains herbs, you have the extra benefit of having fresh additions to your holiday cooking. This container originally had the chives and orange thyme and now has the rosemary added.

The idea is when you think about it, you can create a fresh Festive Christmas garden to greet you and your guest at the front door plus a little freshness for the kitchen!

Well, hope this helps out with whatever tight spot you might find yourself in around the Christmas Season! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Penny