5 minute christmas decorations for the bath

Quick and Festive!

Short on time? Got guest coming, just got home from work and 10 other things that need to be done? This is for you!

Sometimes we think of decorating for Christmas as setting aside a whole day or weekend to pull all the boxes out of the attic, unpack each item, un-knot the lights, line up the nutcrackers, yaddy-yaddy-yaddy! Well, it doesn’t have to be all like that. You can create small areas of festivity using some of the decorative accents you already have in place.

Take this soap dish that I have in the bath (see below). It’s a vintage gravy server left from my parents wedding china with a black hand towel, embroidered with a gold design draped over it and then stuffed with two scented, sculpted soaps.

It’s an easy change to switch out the hand towel with one that has a festive holiday print. Then a tartan reindeer with beaded legs sits on top of the soaps. I added a few vintage tiny ornaments for a little sparkle and more holiday color.

Decoration Easy on Time and Budget

Ok! Just because it was quick doesn’t mean that it has to cost a lot either. Throughout the year and as I’m shopping for other things I always keep an eye out for Christmas Decorations and keep things like the towel, ornaments and reindeer ornament in a box that I can get my hands on quickly, like the linen closet.

The cute white towel with the red embroidered snowflake and funky green dot trim was a little something I picked up at a thrift store earlier this summer. When you are grazing the second hand stores, flea markets or garage sales all year, keep an eye out for vintage items that you can pick up cheap. July is not a good time to get top dollar for Christmas items so take advantage of it.

Also, small items are easy to store and great to pull out for last minute throw togethers like this!

The tartan reindeer came from the dollar store which is a great place to pick up on tiny accents for last minute scenarios.

The other benefit of small Christmas Decoration updates like this is that only the black and gold hand towel was displaced. Now think about it, one of the big issues in Christmas Decorations is that in order to put the Holiday items out, the daily items usually have to find a new place to reside until January and that’s a problem. It’s not easy to unpack all the decorations while packing the year round accents. Here, the gravy server and soaps stayed in place and it was easy to fold the towel up and store it in the sink cabinet.

Well, hope this helps out with whatever tight spot you might find yourself in around the Christmas Season! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Penny