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Attaching a Wallet to the Jean Purse

If you came straight here and missed the article on Making A Purse From A Jean Skirt, go back and start there because this is the second step of attaching a wallet to the jean purse.


Making a Jean Purse with WalletCreating the Opening for the Wallet

I like to have a wallet organizer attached to the outside of my purse so that I can open it easily without fumbling inside the main pocket. Plus since it is attached it can’t get lost.

I found this great organizer wallet at the Thrift Store and came up with a way to attach it to this Jean Skirt Purse. This way I can have a real one-of-a-kind boho purse with modern convenience and it was pretty easy to do.

First, I found that the wallet could fit inside the back panel under the pocket so I ripped the double seam out across the top (just under the yoke) and down the middle just far enough to allow me to slide the purse in and be able to zip and un-zip it!

In case you noticed, the wallet zipper extends around three sides but the opening made in the jean skirt is only accessible on top and the right side. It’s Ok because with the two sides unzipped it can expand enough for plenty of access. If you would prefer, the third side could always be ripped for the full three side opening on your project.Attaching a Walet to a Jean Purse

Securing the Wallet to the Jean Purse with Glue

I used Krazy Glue to attach the edges of the wallet to the ripped seam edges. Not only does this secure the wallet to the purse it also fuses the fabric edges to stop any fraying or raveling. Make sure to put a flat piece of cardboard inside the purse before doing this so if the glue seeps through it won’t glue the purse shut.

Also, make sure the zipper pull is accessible before you do all the gluing and is not hiding on the side covered by the un-ripped seam. You can always retrieve it but it’s a pain.

A Wallet for the Jean Purse made from and old skirt

The Finished Wallet Attachment

After the wallet is in place I ran some colored cord through the eye for some additional ornamentation and it’s easier to pull the wallet open or closed.

As you can see, even with only two sides opening for the wallet, there’s plenty of room to access your goodies and I feel like having the outer seam still intact adds some security!

This was a great project and I had lots of fun. Oh! Just in case you came straight here and missed the article on Making A Purse From A Jean Skirt, go there now to see how it got started and how it finished!

And come back soon for more great crafting ideas!