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Fashion and Wearable Crafts...

…is all about designing and creating things you wear or accessorize with.


Making a Purse From A Jean PurseCrafting is my biggest joy in life (I know, hence the website, right?). But at some point I got tired of making all sorts of cute little things that weren’t really useful to me as an adult. So, fashion crafts presented itself as the answer. I turned my skills to making the things I use and now I want to share those ideas and how-to instructions with you!

Making Jean Purses - Many, Many Ideas

Just like this purse. I carry a purse every day and being able to custom build a purse for the organization of all my particulars that I carry was very useful. Not to mention that it matches my hippie style. I used a jean skirt purchased at a local thrift store and you guessed it…didn’t cost much money to make either. At Making A Purse From A Jean Skirt you can get the step by step instructions and see some of the other ideas I came up with to make purses from old jeans.

Ideas Stenciling on JeansUsing Stencils to Recycle Jeans

Sometimes it’s easy and quick to just re-design something instead of starting from scratch. I enjoy taking an old pair of jeans or a plain t-shirt out of the closet and painting something on them. To make it even easier, you can use a stencil like these Dragon Stenciled Jeans. It’s amazing what a little fabric paint can do to transform an old piece of clothing!

Don’t scroll past this idea just because a dragon may not be your style. This is just something to help you get your creative juices flowing and apply this idea to whatever image suits you best.

Just think for a minute…are you into butterflies, maybe dragonflies…what about peace signs and daisies…wildlife…it’s up to you!

Making Velvet Jewelry BagsMaking a Velvet Jewelry Pouch

If you can sew even just a little this is an easy project for the results you’ll get. These little bags are great for after five or for a beautiful gift. You can even just display them in the boudoir for a feminine touch! At Making a Velvet Jewelry Pouch you’ll even find the stencil patterns that were used here and so many ideas for the variations that can be applied to each and every bag.

Making JewelryJewelry Making

If we are discussing wearable crafts I just have to mention Jewelry Making. Its top of the charts when it comes to crafting because it spans the levels from easy to difficult and it just depends on how far you want to work with it.

Kids can make simple jewelry and its loads of fun. Here you’ll see how to make jewelry for fun times like Halloween or just customize a piece with an image that is near to your heart (like this cabochon pendant – you could put a picture of the love of your life in it). Also, the variations in making jewelry appeals to such a large array of people just about anyone who wants to create can find something interesting to craft.

Well, I hope you find some great ideas here and I’d love to hear from you if you want to share some of your great ideas.