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Making Bottle Cap Black Zombie Earrings

If you’re a crafter, making your own is a given especially for Halloween. This idea is about making earrings with bottle caps that feature a lovely zombie!


Making Bottle Cap Black Zombie Earrings for HalloweenBottle caps make the perfect frame for any image. They actually have that great scalloped edge and the center is a perfect circle. You can do any number of things to get the exact look you want from bottle caps by using a small pair of pliers to open up the edges. You can open them up slightly or pull them all the way open. At each level of open you will find a different pattern for the scallops. Now, if you want to keep the scalloped edge to any degree I recommend using a pair of pliers but you could use a hammer to flatten the circle out completely. So, there you have it. One free throw away bottle cap can be made into a million different bases for jewelry. Who woulda thunk it! Right?

Now, if you are new to this craft then first read Basic Jewelry Making!

Step-By-Step of Making Bottle Cap Jewelry

So let’s talk about how easy this project actually is in a step-by-step plan on making bottle cap black zombie earrings:

First, I collected and cleaned the bottle caps. Depending on how much damage they sustained while being pried off of the bottle, you will need to use a small pair of pliers or a small hammer to put them back into shape. They don’t need to be perfect but just cleaned up.

Second, I spray painted the bottle caps black and let them dry thoroughly.

Third, I printed two images of a picture that I liked. You may find one in a magazine but most likely you will look on-line. Always look for anything that is Copyright Free and be careful about that. (I did search for images using “Copyright Free” in the search text and these came up so I hope they are not copyrighted if so someone just tell me and I’ll take care of it.) Print the images to the size which would fit into the bottom circle of the inside of the bottle cap. Cut out the image and when in place cover it with a coat of clear fingernail polish. Let that dry overnight.

Fourth, using a small hole punch tool and hammer, put a hole in the scalloped edge at the very top, one opposite of that at the very bottom and one on each side of that counting two scallops away. That’s a total of four holes, right? OK! Just checking that you're still with me!

Fifth, using a head pin pushed from the inside top hole, string on one black rondelle bead and then make a loop for the earring finding. Attach the earring.

Making Bottle Cap Cameo Skull Choker for HalloweenFinally (Sixth), use a head pin to string one more black rondelle bead with a pearl and attach to the hole in the center at the bottom. Use a wire cutter tool to open up the two holes on either side of the center hole and slide a short length of ball-chain into the slots. Use a small dab of jewelry glue to secure the ball-chain in place if the slots came out a little too large and you think the chain might slip out.

Voila! That’s it! I told you it was easy!

In case you are wondering where I got black ball-chain, I got it at the local hardware store but you can probably find it at any home warehouse too. Of course, you can get anything on-line and then you never have to leave the house just stay home all day and craft (but I digress!).

I mentioned above how you could take a bottle cap and flatten it out with a hammer for a different kind of jewelry base. So, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a picture of one little bauble that I made from such a flattened bottle cap. It was easy, cheap and fun to make (as always) so check out Making a Bottle Cap Skull Cameo Choker!

I hope you will try making bottle cap black zombie earrings for your Halloween costume! And if zombies aren’t your thing, that’s a no brainer (LOL) because there’s lots of skeletons in this closet too! Check out Making Halloween Jewelry before you go anywhere because there's so much more to be scared of!

Happy haunting! Penny