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Making Vase Filler Gem Halloween Skull Earrings

Day of the Dead Skulls are colorful and fanciful! These designs lend themselves well to jewelry art. Especially at Halloween!


Making Halloween Skull Earrings with Vase Filler GemsYou know the little marbles with one flat side that you use to fill a vase with sparkle or color? Well, this is an innovative way to use a couple of the clear ones. You see, I changed my mind about a certain decoration that I had and ended up with a bag full of vase filler gems. Then one day I stated Making Cabochon Jewelry. A cabochon is a clear gem with a rounded top on one side and a flat side on the bottom. They were kind of hard to come by and not exactly cheap. Then I remembered the vase filler gems hiding in the bottom of my closet and Voila! They were a perfect cabochon and I couldn’t beat the price.

This is a picture of the result from making vase filler gem Halloween skull earrings but now let me tell you the process I used to get here.

How to Use Vase Filler Gems to Make Halloween Jewelry

First, I printed the picture of the skull (I got this one ready for you to print both at once just scroll down). Then I cut out the paper and used jewelry glue to adhere the image to the back or flat side of the marble. I also stuck a large jump ring at the top of the skull and wedged it into the glue. Now, they do make jewelry glue that works specifically for glass which will be handy if you can get some.

Second, when that dried I laid the bead flat side down on a piece of wax paper and glued a ring of ball-chain around the outer edge in the back. Let it dry very well.

Third, I attached the earring finding to the jump ring at the top and then looped this cool little winged heart bead through one of the open spaces in the ball-chain at the bottom.

Using Vase Filler Gems to Make Halloween Skull EarringsFinally, I used a hot glue gun to attach a soft piece of black fleece to the back of the marble behind the skull so that and rough spot on the paper would be covered.

Now, if you are new to this craft then first read Basic Jewelry Making!

Some Variations for Using Vase Filler Gems to Make Jewelry for Halloween

Now this is a picture that I took after I had the skull glued on the earring attached. I’m showing you this because if you like you can stop here. It’s a quick and very simple project and actually it still looks pretty great.

You could go on to add just the ball-chain or no ball-chain and some other bauble dangling from below. It’s up to you!

Making Skull Earrings With Vase Filler GemsOther Ways to Make Halloween Jewelry

If you’re a Halloween Freak like I am then you’ll need more than one pair of earrings, right? Then check out these ideas: Making Bottle Cap Skull Cameo Earrings and Making Bottle Cap Black Zombie Earrings! Yeah, that’s right! Bottle Caps! You’ve been throwing those away too haven’t you?

OK! Here’s the image of the lovely little skull that I used for this project but don’t feel obligated to use her. You can find your own image to print and use. I was just trying to make this easy for you.

Well, Happy Haunting! Penny