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Making Wrapped Bead Loop Connections

If you’ve found that crystals and beads have been slipping out of the simple loops they are hanging from than you’ll find that making wrapped bead loop connections are the solution.


If you came straight here without reading Basic Jewelry Making and you feel lost just go back and find out what’s missing!

Making Jewelry - Wrapped Loops for BeadsLet's get started! First, slide a bead onto a head pin, eye pin or ball pin. Grasp the wire with your round nose pliers at the top of the bead and bend the wire over at just about a 45 degree angle (to a 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock position). Then move the round nose pliers so they grasp the wire just above the bend (one of the plier jaws will be tucked into the bend of the wire). If the wire is flexible enough, use your thumb and forefinger to wrap the wire all the way back around the pliers so it makes a complete loop. You may need your flat nose or a pair of needle nose pliers if the wire is not flexible. Basically, at this point you should have a straight wire extending from the bead about a1/4” or so with the loop above that.

Notice that the further away from the point of the round nose pliers you grasp the wire the larger your loop will be. When I first started making loops like this I liked to do them very small so that they were tight around the object connected to. But then I realized that not only did they not dangle freely, they would get stuck in awkward positions. For crystals this was bad because if they don’t swing they aren’t catching the light and sparkling. So, before you decide where on the round nose pliers to place the wire before creating the loop, think about what the loop is going to connect to and how big you want the loop to be!

Making Wrapped Loops for Jewelry CraftsOnce the wire has made a loop around the jaw of the plier, grasp the end of the wire with a pair of flat nose or needle nose pliers and begin to wrap it around the straight wire extending between the loop and the bead. You can wrap the wire a couple of times leaving the bead hanging loose or twist enough circles to hold the bead tight. Your choice.

Jewelry Making with Wrapped Bead LoopsCut off any excess wire as close to the pin as possible and then flatten the end down with your flat nose pliers to keep any sharp ends from sticking out.

Wrapped Bead Loops for Jewelry MakingAnd here is the finished bead with the wrapped bead loop connection! You can add it to just about anything!

Now there’s a crystal that is not going to slip off!

Don’t forget that you can add more beads or crystals too. And then maybe use an eye pin and hang something else from that. It’s a little like Lego but with Bling!

Alright! I’ve been at this too long so take care and keep in touch!