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Snowflake Crafts

Snowflake Crafts and Painting on Fabrics for decorations, gift giving and much more!


Snowflake CraftsSnowflake crafts at Christmas time was one of our first decorating experiences. Little did you know then that creating your own holiday decorations is an ideal way of expressing your tastes. For example, if you have traditional tastes, work with red, green, silver and gold. But if you’re into retro, then create snowflakes in bright colors like cyan blue, neon green and hot pink. When you are the designer, the only limit is your imagination. The same goes for gift giving. When you design gifts, you do it with a specific person and their tastes in mind. Crafting gives us an opportunity to be unique and create one-of-a-kind art for decorating or giving.

Here are a few ideas that I have for you to bring snowflake crafts into your Holiday decorations by painting them on fabrics and much more! (Pssst! If you forgot how to fold a piece of paper to make a snowflake no worry. I have a Fold Pattern Guide down below. I forgot too!).

Stenciled NapkinsSet a unique and festive Holiday table this year by decorating cloth napkins (here are a couple of other napkins I did with Christmas Tree Stencils). I found a great pack of colorful cotton napkins at a discount department store and painted a small snowflake in the corner using the snowflake stencils. When the napkin is folded or strung through a napkin ring, the snowflake is the centerpiece. Make sure to find a napkin that is made from a smooth fabric that does not have a texture to it. You can find fabric paints at your local crafts supply store. When applying paint to the napkin through the stencil use an up and down, dabbing motion to apply paint to the fabric. A back and forth motion with the brush will push paint under the stencil and smear your image. Use a brush made for stenciling. Foam brushes work well too. Keep the brush on the dry side. An overloaded brush can cause paint to seep under the stencil. Heavier color is achieved by applying several light layers of color with drying time in between.

Read more about custom designing Holiday napkins with stencils at this Homemade Christmas Crafts. Plus, you'll find the Free Christmas Stencils to complete these projects.

Along with the keeping it simple theme, I tied my napkins with a thin rope chord and glued a couple of wooden Christmas trinkets to each end instead of using a fancy napkin ring.

Snoflake StencilHere's a printable snowflake craft stencil for you. You can find out more about how to Make A Snowflake card or gift tag with this cute little stencil.

I mentioned that you can find fabric paints at your local craft supply store, but if you can’t, regular acrylics work well too. However, they may not wash as well and tend to be a little stiffer when dry.

Printable Christmas Stencils (like this little snowflake) are great because you can get that project started now!

Good golly – let’s get jolly! Do you like to wear your Christmas spirit? Then paint some snowflakes on a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Maybe you know someone who likes to wear Christmas art. Then make a wearable gift for them. Paint several snowflakes across the front. Use a different color for each and then top it off with some spray glitter. There is so much you can do with simple snowflake crafts.

Have you seen those nice cloth or velvet wine bags at the discount stores? If you find some plain ones they are great for enhancing with stenciled snowflakes. Just secure your stencils in place and tap on a little paint. The one in the picture above is red and green velvet with a gold cord and tassel. So I painted my Snowflake Designs in gold paint and then used a light coat of gold spray glitter. Slide the bag over a nice bottle of wine and you have a fine gift for even the hardest to please.

Stencil a snowflake on the corner of a nice linen handkerchief. You can give it as the gift itself or wrap a treasure inside. I like to hang them over the side of a basket and fill the basket up with goodies like the one pictured above which is overflowing with red and green apples. I like to browse the flea markets and thrift stores to find vintage hankies. They lend an old world feel to your snowflake crafts.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Stenciling!


Here's that Fold Pattern Guide I promised you!

Snowflake Fold Pattern Guide



We are thrilled to introduce these downloadable and Printable Stencils (click here for more). Instant gratification at its finest! You don't need a special printer - these designs are specially formatted to print straight from your home computer on standard letter sized paper. Once downloaded, you will have your complete stencil booklet with patterns and instructions. Just click, buy and print!

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All designs can be adjusted to fit your project size. Instructions are included. Pages are 8.5” x 11”.

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Fleur de lis Stencils

Fleur de lis: Book of Stencils

This collection includes 22 designs. Ten are easy single overlay. Six have 2 overlays and six have 3 overlays.

This purchase is of a PDF file which has 63 pages.
Price: $9.95

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Oriental Stencils

Oriental Designs: A Book of Stencils

This collection includes 16 designs- Chinese Dragon, Bamboo, Oriental Figure with Coolie Hat, Ying Yang Koi Stencils, Bonsai Tree Stencil and 3 Cranes plus 10 Chinese Symbols (Eternity, Friendship, Happiness, Harmony, Long Life, Peace, Prosperity, Tranquility, Truth and Dragon.

This purchase is of a PDF file with 40 pages.
Price: $9.95

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Antique Door Stencils

Antique Door Hardware: A Book of Stencils

This collection includes 5 designs- Lion Head Door Knocker, Key Bow, Lock Plate and Mail Box Plaque (with two word options). These images should add a little fun and even some humor to the doors in your home while they introduce a touch of the past.

This purchase is of a PDF file with 25 pages.
Price: $9.95

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Princess Stencils

For a Princess

This collection includes 7 designs- Royal Carriage, Knight in Shining Armor, Castle, Dragon, Sceptre, Tiara and Pillow plus the word "Princess."

This purchase is of a PDF file with 40 pages.
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Zoo Babies Stencisl

Zoo Babies: Stencils for a Nursery

This collection includes 7 animal stencils - an Elephant, a Giraffe, a Hippo, a Lion, a Monkey, a Tiger and a Zebra.

This purchase is of a PDF file with 40 pages.
Price: $9.95

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Secret Garden Stencils

The Secret Garden

Create your own private wall mural garden retreat. This collection includes 12 stencils -fountain, bleeding heart, iris, bee, butterfly, foxglove, grasshopper, hummingbird, trumpet flower, morning glory, stone wall and stone path.

This purchase is of a PDF file with 51 pages.
Price: $9.95

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