anyone can create art with stencils

Use a Stencil to Get Started

It doesn’t matter if you have never used stencils before. No problem! Creating art is easy with stencils. If you’re thinking about adding some personal touches to your house then you are on the right track.

Think of stencils as a guide to putting painted images wherever you want. You can create murals on the wall, paint a piece of furniture, embellish a throw pillow, make art prints for framing, decorating a t-shirt or jeans, paint a rug or the floor. The possibilities are unlimited!

Stencils get an image in place that is sized right and has the correct symmetry. In other words, the face of the Lion above is the right size for his body. Sometimes that's hard to do just freehand and if you can't then a stencil puts you right where you want to be. Then you can embellish the painting however you want!

Still Intimidated?

Well, consider this. Many school age children start their art education with stencil patterns. Of course, the adult versions usually are available in much more complex images. You will find easy single layer Stencil Designs or some as detailed as to have 11 overlays. I find those that have between 3 and 5 overlays are best because they offer good detail and still can be completed in a fair amount of time.

And the procedure is so easy. Just secure the stencil to your surface and apply paint in the openings (called islands). If you have a multi overlay design, then just put each layer over the last (when the paint is dry) and apply a different color of paint.

It's that easy. Of course, there is more educational material for you on this web site in case you want to get the whole scoop. We provide some information on tools you may wish to use, a detail step-by-step procedure and many tips and techniques for personalizing your painting. You'll find all you need to know at How To Stencil.

Endless Ideas for Using Stencils

Craft Stencils can help you create personalized art. They can be used with paint applied from a brush, an airbrush or spray-paint. Paint words, letters, a child’s name or any other sentiment on a wall or door. Compliment your driveway or outdoor patio with stencil patterns for concrete floors, wood floors or on a rug. Frost a mirror or window. So, as you can see, your options truly are unlimited!

No matter what images you have in mind, you will find a stencil pattern. If you shop your local arts and crafts supply house you will most likely run across a wide selection of plastic craft stencils. And if you are an on-line shopper, you’ll find many Free Printable Stencils as well as great simple or complex designs from many, many talented artists.

Here at Designs From Penny we offer cut-and-paint stencils. The benefit to you is that they are inexpensive because there are no manufacturing costs and we will email your purchase to you shortly after you complete the sale. This way you can get your project off to a quick start. To read more about all that we have to offer in E-Books (all of the examples used on this page are from our Printable Stencils) click here!

Create Art or Just Add Whimsy!

You can even use different stencil patterns from similar styles to create themes. Like in the image above, a koi stencil and a few Chinese symbol stencils are combined to make an art print. Stenciling Ideas like these can be found throughout this site and will help you take your crafting to an art form!

Have you ever thought about creating your own framed art? It's easy and you can custom design the images and colors that will accent your current decor. Best of all, you don’t have to be a Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso to design and create Stenciling Art.

In fact, with a little practice, you can create some amazing works of art and have a great time while doing it! You can save money doing your own decorating and making one-of-a-kind art for your home. So come along with me and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming an artist with some great Stenciling ideas.

Well, I hope this site will inspire you to jump right in and use stencils to create art! It’s such a fun hobby and I cannot express how much pleasure it has given me. If I can share that with you and a few others then my mission is done!

Happy Stenciling,