Christmas craft ideas

Christmas Gifts Wrapped in Art By You!

Here are some great Christmas Craft Ideas for decorating gift bags with free stencils. This is so much fun and just look at the cute wrapping you’ll make. Not to mention that it’s easy and you can save money on gift wrapping supplies. Best of all, the stencils we are using come from the Free Christmas Stencils!

I bought a pack of 10 plain white bags from the local dollar store. I bet that you might even have a few plain brown ones that you've brought home from some of your shopping trips. Well, you can use those too. You’ll also see a great idea for decorating a plain box. I can’t wait so let’s get started - Join me in the video below!

Wait! There are more freebies to be found at Printable Christmas Stencils Pages. Yes! It's an early gift - they're all free!

Designing Christmas Gift Bags – Video!

Use this frame to add the code for the video!

In the video we used an ornament stencil as a mask. Put simply, using a stencil as a mask means to place the color on the outside of the openings. In other words, the stencil is used like a negative. Experimenting with this form of stenciling in your arts and crafts will open a lot of windows for creating.

Simple, Easy, Elegant...Stencils!

Here's another cute bag I stenciled with a couple of ornament and ribbon. Isn't it colorful.

With the right tissue, some fun ribbons and other embellishments your gifts will sparkle and impress.

I hoped you enjoyed this fun Christmas Craft Ideas Project and the video. Now you’re off to the start of a new hobby. For a full set of Christmas Stencils check out the book below. They're printable so you can get started now!

Merry Christmas and Happy Stenciling,


P.S. for more fun Christmas Projects, go to Holiday Crafts. You'll even find some cool ideas for making cards to match your bags!

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