Christmas Crafts

The Most Wonderful time of the Year...for Crafting!

Christmas crafts for homemade gifts and decorations offers a return to a peaceful and joyous Holiday season. OK! Only when you can hide away in your craft room and use the excuse that you are doing good so you must have Peace!

It’s a great time to start thinking about Christmas crafts because after all Christmas is on the way! Yeah, that’s right. Already!

Well, if you find that lately you’re greeting the holidays with sighs of anxiety instead of the anxious excitement of past years than maybe it’s time to make some positive changes. Bring back the simpler times when Christmas was more about sharing special moments with the people in your life and not so much about crowded afternoons in the mall stressing over the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

It's so easy too and think of the fun you'll have creating and designing special gifts like those Snowflake Designs above. Plan a party to get some friends together and share ideas.

More Time Home, Less Time in the Mall

Remember that gifts are to be used year round so venture out of the Christmas Theme crafts. Check out Making a Purse from a Jean Skirt!

There are so many reasons to return to the simpler times when we exchanged homemade Christmas crafts. Here are just a few of the best reasons:

First and most important, I think we all need to use this time to step back and reconnect with our family and friends on a personal level. We spend our lives emailing and texting from the carpool line. We rush through days and events sometimes not knowing if we are coming and going. Do you ever wonder what you might be missing? I know it’s not easy to put aside a block of time but do it anyway. Trade off some of the time you will be standing in a line at the mall for time at home crafting some decorations or gifts or cards. Get the kids involved.

Save Money and Create a One-of-a-Kind Gift!

You can use stencils or easy patterns to make reindeer decorations like those above. Try these Christmas Art Projects to see how you can make 3D decorations.

You’ll save money by making homemade gifts, cards and decorations! These days everyone can use a little of this. But don’t feel guilty about giving Homemade Christmas Crafts as gifts. A gift should never have a dollar obligation amount attached to it. It really is about what comes from the heart and a homemade gift shows that you took the time to make something special for a loved one and what is more valuable than your time. Besides with some great ideas you’ll be delivering gifts that everyone will enjoy!

Looking for a stress buster? Well, creating Christmas crafts is a great way to reduce stress for a couple of good reasons. First, if you make some great gifts and decorations, that’s less time in the stores and malls (and what’s more stressful than fighting the crowds and worrying about if what you bought is the perfect gift). Second, it’s very relaxing and enjoyable to create. Not to mention that you will feel uplifted and motivated to think about the nice gifts that you are making for the special people in your life or the wonderful decorations that will enhance your holiday décor.

Gifts From the Heart Made With a Little Imagination

Get the scoop on making ornaments like those above at Christmas Art Activities.

Want to make someone feel really special? I will always remember the time a friend of mine cried because she loved my homemade gift so much. The truth is that if you give someone a gift that came from your hands that is truly an item that they cannot get anywhere themselves. No matter how much money they have or what resources they can pull from, a homemade gift is unique!

To give your Christmas Crafts a jump start we've added many Free Christmas Stencils. Enjoy!

Christmas should be about the people in our lives, right? Then I have a great idea! Plan some time to get together with friends and family to work with Christmas craft patterns. It’s a great way to share ideas and work out some one-of-a-kind decorations. Have a wine and cheese and crafts party. Better yet, get the kids involved. They love making things and can you think of a better way to encourage their creativity. Arts and crafts are great for people of all ages, so don’t leave out Grandma and Grandpa too. I bet they can add a few hints to the projects on hand.

In fact, children love doing craft projects, but after a while, there is no room left to display their little masterpieces. But, the holidays offer a unique time because they can make gifts for the family that will be highly cherished. Don’t laugh! I bet somewhere in your Mother or Grandmother’s closet is something you made in first grade. It’s easy to find Christmas craft patterns and ideas that everyone in the family can do and enjoy.

Gifts From the Heart Made With a Little Imagination

Here's a great idea. Use Snowflake Designs for Gifts and wrapping. Go back in time and create some of these unique and beautiful designs.

I know when you take the time to relax and immerse yourself into a fulfilling project you will not only get into the spirit of the season you will also make someone feel very special because you took the time to make something special for them (and it’s OK if that person is you)!

Now, I know you can come up with many creative Christmas crafts. After all, it’s that personal touch that you are shooting for, right?

Need more ideas? You don’t have to look too far. Just click on Holiday Crafts and I know you’ll be crafting before you know it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Stenciling!