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Here are two unique Free Christmas Tree Stencil Designs plus fun ideas for your Holiday Crafts.

Check out this cute Christmas Tree Stencil that actually comes with decoration options. Isn’t that a great idea? You can custom build it for each time you paint it. This is great for decorating cards or gift bags because they can all match yet be a little unique.

Dress it out with garland, ornaments or snow (or go all out and paint it all on). Or you can use any one decoration by itself. If you want you can just leave the tree plain.

These tree stencils are part of a collection of Christmas themed designs that you can find in our E-Book Printable Stencils Store or just scroll down on this page.

Free Printable Stencils

Now on to the Free Christmas Tree Stencil Patterns and Christmas Arts and Crafts ideas!

Just right-click on the stencil and select print (if you’re on a PC) or drag it into a document if you are on a Mac.

For a great Christmas Arts and Crafts Project go to Homemade Christmas Crafts for the details on painting cloth napkins to create a festive look on your table (see the picture below). Best of all you see a nice way to use Free Christmas Stencils too.

Wait! Don’t just print your Christmas tree stencil designs from this page and leave. You need to check out the Holiday Crafts Section for many fun projects. You'll find many ways to make personalized gifts and decorations plus you'll save time and money because you can create at home and don't have to drag yourself through the malls. That's my favorite part!

Spend Time With the Little Ones Creating With Stencils

Christmas Arts and Crafts is a great way to get the children involved. But after a while, there’s no room left on the fridge to display their little masterpieces. But, the holidays offer a unique time because they can make gifts for the whole family that will be highly cherished. And what fun you will all have!

You’ll save money by making homemade gifts, cards and decorations with these free Christmas tree stencil designs! These days everyone can use a little of this. But don’t feel guilty. A gift should never have a dollar obligation amount attached to it. It really is about what comes from the heart and a homemade gift shows that you took the time to make something special for a loved one and what is more valuable than your time. Besides with some great ideas you’ll be delivering gifts that everyone will enjoy!

Stencils for Decorations, Gifts, Wrapping and Much More!

The best part of making gifts for the holidays is all the fun of designing and creating. It's great to make someone smile with a gift you actually had fun creating. What a win-win!

Creating Christmas Crafts is a great way to reduce stress for a couple of good reasons. First, if you make some great gifts and decorations, that’s less time in the stores and malls (and what’s more stressful than fighting the crowds and worrying about if what you bought is the perfect gift). Second, it’s very relaxing and enjoyable to create. Not to mention that you will feel uplifted and motivated to think about the nice gifts that you are making for the special people in your life.

Merry Christmas and Happy Stenciling,


Christmas: A Book of Stencils

OK! Here’s the E-Book I promised you! It’s everything you need to get your Christmas Crafts on! Enjoy!

Don't forget to visit our E-Book Printable Stencils Store for much more!

Christmas: A Book of Stencils - This collection includes 9 designs: Santa Claus, a Reindeer, a Christmas Tree (with options for decorations), a Candle with Holly Accents, Bells with a Bow, a Gingerbread Boy and Girl, and a String of Lights.

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