christmas wax pine cones

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What do you do with those half burned candles that you don’t want to light anymore? Don’t throw them out! The wax can be melted and drizzled over pines cones. It’s a great way to use that valuable wax and create a unique accent or add to an arrangement.

The best part of this project is the scent of the candle wax lingers for a very long time!

Turning Pine Cones into Holiday Scented Beauties

Here’s how to Coat the Pine Cones with Wax:

Chop up the wax from left over candles removing the wicks or other decorations on them (you want only the wax). If you have more than one candle to recycle, keep them separated by scent and color. Place the wax in a pot and melt on very low heat. Keep an eye on it because it does not take long to melt.

I used a couple of methods of coating the pine cones.

First Method: I used a spoon to drizzle the wax over the pine cone and let it drip down as it hardens. This creates sort of a snow covered tree look.

Second Method: I also used a pair of tongs to hold the bottom side of the pine cone and dip it into the wax. This method puts a thicker coating of wax on the pine cone.

I mentioned earlier about keeping the wax separated by scent and color but if you want to combine scents or use what you have to create different colors have at it! Play and experiment!

Ideas for Using Your Wax Coated Pine Cones

This is a great Christmas project but it’s great for all year long too. I used the Holly Berry and Pine Tree Scents for the pines cones in Christmas arrangements and scents like Clean Linen and Gardenia for all year long.

I made a couple of arrangements using the pine cones exclusively and set around the house to spread the wonderful aroma. In the dining room I put the wax pine cones in an antique blue willow bowl and set out on the table.

In the living room, near the fireplace, the wax pine cones rest in a basket for a cozy look. Just don’t put them too close to the fire.

You know these would make beautiful ornaments too. Just weave a ribbon through the top of the pine cone and leave a loop for the Christmas Tree branch.

They will make a great addition in a bathroom tucked inside a basket with a few flowers or baby’s breath. It’s wonderful to walk into a bathroom and breath in fresh air!

Unfortunately, the one thing I cannot share with you is how wonderful these wax pine cones smell. I wish I could create a sniff and smell web page to share that with you but technology hasn’t reached that point yet! But stayed tuned!

(Just a side note to the above paragraph: Now it’s August and the linen closet where I stored these wax pines cones (with my other delicate Christmas decorations) smells wonderful!

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I hope you try this out! Until next time, take care and keep in touch!