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Halloween Goes to Hollywood!

Decorating Glitter Glam Pumpkins are for those who want to add a light hearted bling to their holiday instead of the dark creepy mood! Well this ones for you!

Stop Waiting for The Great Pumpkin! It’s Here!

So you’re all grown up and really not into the zombies and gore that comes along with Halloween. Maybe you’re more into 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive. Well then this Halloween decoration idea is just for you! Decorating Glitter Glam Pumpkins! Here are just two examples of what can be done with a plastic craft pumpkin, a little glue and some glitter but the possibilities are endless.

It’s so easy too! Just use a sponge brush to paint the areas you want to glitz up and then over a large tub or maybe a piece of spread out newspaper, sprinkle the areas with the glitter. That’s it! Pair them up with a little sparkling lights and you’re set for one Glamorous Halloween Event!

For the Tuxedo Pumpkin pictured here I just covered the bottom half of the pumpkin with black glitter. So orange is the new black, huh? Well, that’s Halloween, right? Here I just painted the glue on every other section between creases and glittered with orange.

Picking Out Your Great Pumpkin

I used white pumpkins for the example here but anything goes. In fact, I see now that pumpkins are now available in some classy colors. I just ordered some that are eggplant black and burgundy wine (from JoAnn’s). They also come in teal! Wow! I can’t wait to get these and try different color glitter on them. I’m thinking gold and silver and then these pumpkins can last from Fall and Halloween through Christmas!.

Anyway, I’m thinking since you don’t want the traditional Halloween decorations you are open to the non-traditional and that means that the sky is the limit here.

Glitter the Whole Thing Then

There’s no need to glitter only half or a portion of a pumpkin. Just glitter the whole thing. What if you have only a plain white pumpkin and want to glitter is orange. But if you are really into the glitz and glamour then why not do the whole thing in silver or gold. Come to think of it, a white pumpkin covered with the white glitter that adds a diamond sparkle could be a ghouls best friend!

Well, this was an easy idea for adding glitz and glamour to you Halloween pumpkin but once you get started you may want to carry this idea a bit further and try Making Glitter Swirl Pumpkins. It’s the same idea with glue and glitter on a pumpkin but instead you paint the glue with swirls and dots to add a retro impact.

Plus, having a variety of Glitter Glam Pumpkins in an arrangement is so classy, right? Just check out the picture below!

Enjoy Your Glitter Glam Halloween, Darlin'!

Halloween? What? No, no, no! These cuties will be able to blend in or be the centerpiece of your decoration from now until after New Years!

I just had one more last idea. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to add a vintage broch on any of these but especially the Tuxedo Pumpkin?

For that matter, you could glue a string of pearls along the line of the black glitter. Well, I could keep going but you get the picture. Start with a pumpkin, a little glitter and some glue and take it away from there.

I hope you like this glamourous Halloween Decoration and if you give it a go share your picture with us here or on our Design From Penny Facebook Page. It’s all about Sharing and getting ideas from one another.

Happy Haunting!