decorating spider nest pumpkins

This Trip to the Pumpkin Patch You'll Never Forget!

Create a creepy scene with spiders spilling out of a pumpkin! It’s easy! Plastic pumpkins, spiders, paint and a little glue! Done!

Decorating for Halloween can be creepy fun! Do spiders creep you out? If so...then you’ll love this freaky idea which creates a nest of spiders spilling out of a pumpkin. How much more Halloween can you get, right? First you need to pick a pumpkin. Size and color are your choice. Of course plastic pumpkins or artificial in any way is a must. This is a decoration that will be around for next year and the following years to come so a real pumpkin won’t work!

I like to use white pumpkins because they make the little black spiders stand out. But orange and black work good too. And of course orange is traditional.

Collect A Few Spiders

Next, you’ll need to gather up some spiders. Not real ones! They bite! These little guys came in a bag at the craft supply store for $1.99. But I have seen them at the Dollar Store too! You know the ones I’m talking about. If you can’t find the spiders, you may find the spider rings which are even more popular this time of year. Those can work, you just have to cut off the ring part.

You’ll also want spiders that are a good size to work with the pumpkin you have chosen. To make a nest full of spiders they need room to explode out of the pumpkin so they should be small enough that you can put many on the pumpkin.

Paint the Spider's Entrance

With a little black paint (I use craft paint that cleans up easily with water), create a circle or oval on the pumpkin. You can put it wherever you like but I chose a spot halfway between the center and the stem because I find it best for viewing the creepy spider parade. Let the paint dry thoroughly!

Spiders Creep Out of The Pumpkin

Using your hot glue gun, arrange the spider crawling out of the nest hole and glue them as you go. No rules here. Just eye them in as you like. I put some crawling over others. They should be closer near the hole and more spread out as they crawl away.

And that’s it! Easy enough, right?

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Happy Haunting!