free halloween stencils

Scary Black Cat Stencil

Here are a few free Halloween stencils! Just right-click on the image and select print. I hope you have a scary good time with these free stenciling patterns.

Keep tuned in to this site because I am adding new ideas for creating with these and many other free stencils all the time.

Halloween is just the first scare of the Holidays so if you're gettin' in the mood to craft then on November 1st check out the other Holiday Crafts and ideas.

Here's a tip for working with printed paper stencils:

Before you cut out the openings of your stencil, cover it with a clear protective coating like clear shelf liner so that you can use it again and again. I like to do just the top side of the paper. If the bottom is slick it can encourage paint to bleed under the stencil and smudge your surface. The underside may get wet when you wash it but just let it dry and you can flatten it back out by storing it in a book.

Are you looking for Jack-O-Lantern Stencils? Well, that could be a face (like this one) or a stencil of a pumpkin carved with a face which would be great for all sorts of other crafts projects. Well, either way, we've got 'em.

Working with paper stencils has a few advantages. You can adjust the size of your paper stencil to fit the size of your project. Just take the page to a copier and reduce or enlarge. Then cut out the stencil openings. It’s that easy.

Ghost Stencil

If you can save and open these images in another program (like a word document) you can use the anchor marks (those little squares at the corner of images which appear after you've clicked on it) to drag the image larger or smaller.

Can you print on transparency film? If so, then your stencil making is easy. Just make sure that your printer will accommodate the thickness of the film.

Do you need some instructions on Pumpkin Carving with Stencils? It's easy and with stencils you can take your pumpkin design to a whole new level of masterpiece.

Skull Stencil

More general stencil tips and trivia:

Remember, open sections of a stencil are called islands. These are the areas that allow color to be applied on the surface under the stencil. Bridges are the stencil material that separates the islands and keeps the shape of a stencil. These areas block color or paint from reaching the surface.

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This skull stencil can also be used as a mask pattern. You can paint the pattern in white on a piece of black construction paper, cut out the outline, eyes, nose and mouth, tie a couple of pieces of ribbon on the side and you're done!

Flying Bat Stencil

Find a Pirate Skull Printable Halloween Mask and some scary good ideas for completing the costume. Halloween is so much more fun when you put a little creativity into it. And all these free Halloween stencils don't hurt either, right?

You can’t beat these free Halloween stencils! I hope they have inspired you to get started right away making art with stencils.

Happy Halloween and Happy Stenciling,


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