Frog Stencil

Refurbish an Old Dresser With Frogs

Join me for another before and after story featuring frog stencils. We’ll turn an old chest of drawers in desperate need of a new coat of paint into a delightful addition to any room.

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Stenciling on furniture is a great way to save an old dresser and add a new conversation piece to any room. Not to mention the money you’ll save by redesigning furniture you already have versus buying a new item.

Besides, older furniture is better than new furniture, because things built even 20 or 30 years ago were made with stronger wood products and better craftsmanship. The older the item, the more likely it will be around even longer. So why not redesign an old piece instead of buying something new.

If you don’t happen to have something around your house waiting for a makeover, these items can be found at flea markets and thrift stores at very reasonable prices. Although sometimes you get lucky and run across one that someone is throwing out. Don’t be shy about dumpster diving. It’s a great way to show everyone how talented you are by turning trash into treasure. Oh come on! It’s easy with stencils – I’ll show you.

Here was an old dresser that had been in my garage and I can’t tell you how many times I overlooked it. Then I needed some extra storage in a spare room and thought about it. It was a perfect fit but it needed a redo badly. So I went to work.

First, I lightly sanded the entire piece and spray painted with a light green for my Rain Forest back drop. Then I splashed on some forest greenery.

Don’t panic…it was easy. Just pour several colors of green on a palette. Drag a paint brush through the different colors, spinning as you go to get the bristles coated with the colors.

One-of-a-Kind Furniture

Then using the same spinning motion, brush the paint onto the surfaces while swaying from side to side in your lines (like as if you were skiing).This will create some vine-like accents. I used a tapered end paint brush but a flat end will work just as well.

Now, dab a round head brush (like a stenciling brush) into the paints with an up and down motion allowing the bristles to pick up several of the colors. Use the same dabbing motion to create some patches of foliage. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize the brushes and the colors do most of the work. I only made a few areas of foliage because I wanted my frogs to stand out but go as crazy as you want. Remember this is your masterpiece.

Next, decide where to put the frog stencils. Take a little time with this and put the frogs where they will really stand out. It’s easier if they don’t cross over drawers or around corners but sometimes that ads creativity so weigh the options on your project.

Notice that I painted the Hanging Frog Stencil dangling across two drawers. It was a challenge but I like the way it looks.

Dresser Before the Frogs

A nice addition to the frog stencils would be a tropical flower stencil or some other animal stencils.

Here’s a picture of what the dresser looked like before. As you can see it wasn’t anything special but it was made from good solid wood. Now it’s a very interesting piece that provides much needed storage.

You can use any stencils for this project (there are even some free printable stencils on-line), but if you like these frog stencils you can find them in the Red Eyed Tree Frogs Book of Stencils as a download so you can get your project started now at our Printable Stencils Store. OK! I just made it easy and added the option to get the Frogs Stencil Book below!

You’ll have fun creating and showing off your frog stencils dresser. This project should get you thinking about all of the possibilities for designing art for your home. I hope you are inspired to create some great works of art with stencils!

Happy Stenciling!


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