grape stencils

Using Wine and Grape Stencils to Remake an Old Dresser

Watch as a motif of wine and grape stencils make a piece of junk furniture useful again.


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It’s a wonderful thing to take an old piece of furniture and transform it into a conversation piece. Having a hand painted, custom piece of furniture in your home adds a touch of class and personality unique to you. If you like that idea (and saving money), then you'll love this stenciling project!

Decorative stenciling on furniture is easy with stencils as your guide. They will allow you to get the images in place exactly where you want them.

You can use any stencil for this project, but if you like this one you can find it in the Wine and Spirits Book of Stencils as a download so you can get your project started now at our Printable Stencil Designs Store with some other great patterns.

I was getting ready to drag this old dresser out to the trash when I took a second look at it. It was originally a four drawer dresser but two of the drawers were missing. So, I cut down the side and back so that only two drawers were left. I nailed pieces of accent wood around the bottom on the front and sides for looks and stability.

Trash to Treasure With Stencils

I gave the entire piece a base coat of a light cream background with spray paint before stenciling.

To make it easier on myself, I took the drawer that I was going to stencil and brought it in where I was comfortable. It’s easier to lug around just a drawer instead of the whole dresser.

To create a back drop for the wine and grape stencils, I lightly brushed a thin layer of tan paint on the area where the stencils would be painted with a crisp line at the top to give the appearance of a table top. Then the stencils went on. You may want to take a few moments to plan where each stencil will be painted.

Here’s a close up view of the painting.

Now it is a unique sideboard instead of a heap taking up space in some landfill.

You’ll have fun creating and showing off this wine and grape stencils sideboard. This project should get you thinking about all of the possibilities for designing art for your home. I hope you are inspired to create some great works of art with stencils!

Happy Stenciling!


A Free Grape Stencil

Wait! There's more. Here's a grapevine stencil and a video to show you how I put it to good use creating a counter border in my kitchen.

Grapevine Stencil Painted as a Counter Border