halloween masks and costume ideas

Pirate Skull Half Mask

Any great disguise starts with a Mask!

Here are a couple of Halloween Mask Patterns for you to create your own costume! Both are FREE! The first one is a Pirate Skull Mask Pattern. The instructions are right on there so that when you print it out you're ready to start making a mask! Enjoy!

Check out some great ways finish up this costume at Printable Halloween Masks.

Here's a picture of what it looks like when finished.

What's a Pirate Without a Sword?

I also made a sword to go with it (because what's a pirate without a sword?). It was easy. Just use a little gray and black stiff felt. I cut the whole thing out of grey and then two exact handles from black to glue on each side of the grey handle. Here's the pattern and complete instructions for that too.

I find shopping at Thrift Stores a great place to find excellent costume materials. For example, you may be able to find a light cotton poet's shirt that was popular a decade or so ago. You know, they are light and airy with wide gathered sleeves and a slit in the front with a tie. If not, a plain white t-shirt will work just as good. Splatter some read paint on it to look like blood for a great effect.

Cut an old pair of jeans off at the knees and cut slashes in them for a fringed, worn appearance. Also, wrap you leg with a bendable piece of cardboard to look like a wooden leg and tuck it into the jeans above and a battered pair of boots at the ankle.

Here's what this Halloween Mask looks like when done. You could be a cat or Cat Woman. You decide!

By the way, if you are a feline fanatic, check out these Cat Stencils for Pumpkin Carving.

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween Masks and Costume Ideas. Just like Printable Halloween Stencils they can get you going on that project or idea now. You don’t have to get in the car and go shopping or wait for something to come in the mail.

Happy Haunting and Happy Stenciling,