Pumpkins, Masks and Treats

The first cool is in the air and that is the indication that Halloween is on it's way! I love this time of year. Walking barefoot in the cool grass and visiting the farmer's market to pick out the perfect pumpkin. Pulling out the thick fluffy sweaters...Wow! It's so refreshing!

Decorating for Halloween is so exciting! It's great to get a chance to use your imagination to create scary and spooky scenes. Of course, if cute is your style, that's no problem either! You want to keep it tame if there are little ones around.

To those of us that have lived a life of crafting it's easy to get into the grave (I mean groove) of making things. But even if you never were the arts and crafts person but want to give it a try, Halloween Stencils are perfect! Stencils provide the borders and outlines for images so you don't have to sketch a design perfectly with the correct proportions and scale. In fact, with stencils, you don't even have to know what those things are!

However, if you get your fill of stenciling and there's time left for more crafting fun, slither over to Halloween Crafts (click here or on the pumpkins above) for ideas on every other crafting idea, including Printable Halloween Masks and costume ideas!

Below you will find some images and links to all the Free Halloween Stencils and other great ideas!

Turkey Day seems to get lost between Halloween and Christmas but for us crafters it's still a perfectly good reason to create. Fear not! Here are a couple of stencils and ideas for Thanksgiving Crafts.

So much to do, so little time! Well, get out there and start decorating those pumpkins and preparing for those little ghouls who will be knocking at your door real soon!

Happy Haunting and Keep Crafting,


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