holiday crafts

For artists and crafters, the Holidays deliver the perfect opportunity to create and here you'll find many ideas for Holiday Crafts and projects. Enjoy!

Yep! Santa's on his way and it's time to start the Christmas Crafts. So...

Add a personal touch to your holiday table with hand painted cloth napkins. At Homemade Christmas Crafts you'll find all the information you need and you can even get these cute designs at Free Christmas Tree Stencil.

Aren't those napkins cute? Well, let's continue this idea with Snowflake Crafts and ideas for painting snowflakes on fabrics. Maybe it's been awhile since you made Paper Snowflakes - no problem. Here's a quick guide to get you started.

One of the highlights of the Holidays are the greeting cards (giving and receiving). You can make your own so they reflect your ideas, spark the interest of the receiver or match the gift or wrapping. You can get many ideas about this at Christmas Card Ideas and Make A Snowflake Christmas Card.

Did We Skip Halloween?

No! We didn't skip Halloween! Just scroll down or wait for it! We just started with the biggest Holiday of the year!

One of my favorite Christmas Art Activities is to make ornaments and I have some fun ways to make them very unique. These are great for gifts or your own tree.

I know how it is when you get an idea in mind (especially for Holiday Crafts because time is of the essence). There's no time to waste and you want to get started crafting and creating now. Well, I've got you covered with free Printable Christmas Stencils and Free Christmas Stencils. Just print and go! And from there, learn how to turn stencils into 3D decorations with these exciting Christmas Art Projects.

Maybe you are not into the zombies and gore of Halloween. Well then you need to see this! For a really artistic and easy and cheap fall decoration idea, go to Making Glitter Swirl Pumpkins! You'll find a video that will show you how to adorn cute dollar store pumpkins with swirls of glitter like the wind through the leaves. So, bring a little bling into your holidays (instead of blood)!

Scroll down for even more fun Christmas Crafts!

Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts

OK! Turkey Day may get lost between Halloween and Christmas but for us crafters it's still a perfectly good reason to create. Fear not! Here are a couple of stencils and ideas for Thanksgiving Crafts. There are so many ways to create Holiday Crafts for Thanksgiving. (Click here or on the box above!)

(Click here or on the pumpkins above for ALL of the Halloween Crafts!)

Did you think I forgot about Halloween? No way! Find out how to use Halloween Pumpkin Stencils to paint a Jack that will occupy your porch year after year. Of course, your next stop should be at the Free Pumpkin Stencils.

Are you ready to carve your pumpkin? Then don't miss these Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils! Of course, if it's information on how to carve then read all about it at Pumpkin Carving with Stencils.

Halloween Crafting is Much More Than Pumpkins

Still think that slicing through the flesh of a pumpkin is the only way to display it? Then you need to read all about these Pumpkin Decorating Ideas.

No Mess Pumpkin Carving -

If you are going to go through the trouble to carve a pumpkin why not make it one of those plastic craft pumpkins? That way you never have to carve another pumpkin because this one stores easy from year to year. But best of all it's not messing like dealing with a real life pumpkin. And of course we give you the free stencil!

Decorating Glitter Glam Pumpkins

Halloween goes Hollywood! Yep! That's right! Halloween doesn't have to be all doom and gloom! It can be Beverly Hills or Rodeo Drive...Maybe 5th Avenue if that's more your style. The point is that just because black is in doesn't mean you can't go hot pink!

Decorating Spider Pumpkins

Hey, if you like the "no mess" thing - I mean who doesn't - then check out Decorating Spider Pumpkins for an easy cheap decoration that's easy to put up and easy to take down! Find out how to use some dollar store plastic pumpkins and spiders to create a scene. It's just one more way to decorate with having to scoop slime out of a gourd! And it's cheap!

Spider Nest Pumpkins

Oooohhh! But there's more! Do you get creeped out when you see a swarm of insects? Who doesn't? Then don't miss out on Decorating Spider Nest Pumpkins! It's exactly what it sounds like! Creepy!

Pumpkin Carving With Stencils

Ok! If you really want to stick to tradition, visit the farmer's market on a cool weekend day to pick out the perfect pumpkin and carve a funny face on it, we can help you with that too! Plus we have free pumpkin carving stencils to make it easier! Happy Haunting!

Halloween Crafting is Much More Than Pumpkins

What's your poison? Zombies? Vampires? Ghosts? Skeletons? Well, no matter what you gotta have the right jewelry. Of course, you aren't going to go out and buy jewelry just for Halloween. Don't scream! You can do this and it's easy and cheap. Here are a few ideas for you but don't forget that you can put your own favorites to any of these! Enjoy!

Here's all you need for how to make your own Halloween Jewelry!

Making Mummies or Skeletons...

If you're into mummies, then you should try Making Mummy Candle Jars for a spooky addition to your Halloween Decorations! It's so easy! Any glass jar (I used ball jars), a little felt an some cheese cloth!

So what if skeletons are your thing? If you like to sew and have a thing for doll-making, then this is a bone-ified must for you. Actually, there are two different plans for Making a Skeleton Doll - One is a skeleton doll with her bones glued on (I say "her" because she is a cutie with flowers on her skull and a big heart)! The second is made with realistic bones from an iron on image. The links and images are below and of course, the patterns and bones are free! No Bones about it!

Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Well, it's true, carving a real pumpkin can be quite a mess. Don't be scared! You will simply scream when you discover how many ways you can decorate pumpkins that does not involve gooey, slimy, stringy guts being dissected from a gourd! Read about this Pumpkin Crafts project that carves the same patterns into a plastic craft pumpkin...or learn how to use dollar store spiders to create a real creep show scene...or maybe your pumpkin wants to go Hollywood with glitter and glam...No Mess!

Are you a feline fanatic? Well, then don't miss these Cat Stencils for Pumpkin Carving (don't look! do look down!). And if it's just plain old Pumpkin Stencils we have that for you too with a cute project idea.

Oh my ghouls! I can't stop myself!

What? More Pumpkins? Well, It is Halloween!

Whether your carving or painting, these Jack-O-Lantern Stencils will scare you silly. You need more? OK - go to Free Halloween Stencils but just remember - I warned you!

So you've dressed up the pumpkin but you don't have anything to wear. Oh wait! If you slither around here long enough you'll stumble upon a few ideas we can share with you. They include Printable Halloween Mask Patterns and Costume Ideas that will be great for you or the kids. Did I mention that the patterns are Free? They are free!

Have you ever thought about stenciling cookies? I'm not kidding. Find out about a scrumptious Halloween Craft Project and get the designs at Free Printable Halloween Stencils (Click below!).

More Christmas Crafts...

Well, here's some Holiday Crafts and ideas for using some of your creativity for saving a little dough and having a merry good time. See how I turned some plain bags into spectacular gift bags by stenciling on a few familiar designs at Christmas Craft Ideas. Then use the same stencils to make matching cards!

See how you can create this elegant candle holder with this Christmas Arts and Crafts Project. It all started with a plain cylinder glass vase that I found at the thrift store, then a few stencils, a little gold spray paint and some string lights. Ooops! I just gave it all away!

Most of the Holiday Crafts on this site are completed with Free Printable Christmas Stencils. I find that just makes everything a whole lot simpler and at this time of year that's a gift!

Did you ever think about replacing one or two of the framed prints in your home with Holiday themed art during the Holidays? Well, it's a great idea and so easy with Christmas Art Prints with Stencils.

Get Inspiration from the Snow

Here's a great idea! Use simple Snowflake Patterns to create festive and beautiful 3D decorations. Then, once you've rediscovered this age old craft, read about using Snowflake Designs for Gifts and Packaging.

I believe you can do anything you can dream up with a stencil. So, I put a few on cookies. You can do this too. It's easy and you get to eat all the mistakes (Quick! before anyone sees them). Read all about putting scary images like witches and bats on cookies at Halloween Crafts (and get the free stencils too!).

Christmas is in the Air

Might I suggest another Holiday Craft that not only looks good but smells good too! That's Wax Coated Pine Cones...Just melt down the half burned Christmas scented candles and dip pine cones from the yard in the wax! Easy!

Well, I guess you'll be busy until the last minute with all these Holiday Crafts. Gee, I can't wait for the next Holiday!

Happy Holidays and Merry Crafting,