holiday stencils

Easy Crafting for Decorating or Gifts With Stencils

Holidays are perfect for crafting! As far back as the early days of school, we learned that every holiday we were taught to make gifts or cards for our parents or friends. Remember making a turkey for Thanksgiving by tracing your hand! Well, times have changed but I find it still brings me great pleasure to "make things" for the Holidays. As an adult I find it offers a great way to kinda remove myself from the hustle and bustle of Holiday Stress and retreat into my creative safe place.

Well, here are plenty of great Holiday Crafts for you to retreat to and these all involve Stenciling which in my view are patterns to get you 90% to the finished art. So enjoy the fun and always revel in the finished artistry!

OK! Talk about Holiday Stencils Projects Overload... No way they can all fit here so I broke it down for you to target exactly what you are looking for. Directly below are the links to the overall stenciling ideas and free stencils for Christmas and Halloween. Then we put in a bunch of direct links to projects just in case you see exactly what you are looking for. We will be adding more projects as soon as we can so keep checking in.

Look for Thanksgiving crafts in Halloween Crafts!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy every moment of crafting!

OK! It's Christmas and you are on a budget! Well, that doesn't mean that everyone on your list gets a Chia Pet! You can use your creativity to design gifts that your loved ones can use and they will be filled with love knowing that you gave of yourself, your time and not just your wallet. That being said, take a look around this web site for great homemade gifts that your family and friends will love. (Like Making Jean Purses! - cute for the girls and ladies on your list!)

So, that should keep you busy and most of all you can enjoy every accomplishment in your creative nature! Enjoy!

Happy Holidays and Merry Crafting,


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