homemade christmas crafts

Follow these Homemade Christmas Crafts for a personal touch to your Holiday Table and have fun too!

These homemade Christmas crafts and ideas are about dressing up your holiday table, designing a creative gift or accent a special decoration. It’s all about painting an image on a solid colored cloth napkin like the ones in the picture here. Aren’t they cute? And it’s so easy.

The technique for stenciling on fabric is much the same as on another surface. All of these (except two - the ornament and the reindeer) are single layer stencils, so I just held the stencil down with one hand and dabbed my paint on with the other. Remember, dabbing, blotting, stippling the paint in an up and down motion over the edges of the stencil openings helps keep paint from seeping under and smudging.

I recommend fabric paints for this project but sometimes I use acrylic craft paint and that works fine too. Just make sure you read all the directions on the paints you buy. You want to check the washability and durability of the paints. Also, make sure the paint is suitable for this project. And as I always say, when in doubt - test it out! It’s worth one napkin and some paint to see how it will all play out, right? So, just brush a few strokes of paint on a napkin and then throw it in the wash. If you like the results, move forward.

If you need more information about stenciling on fabrics just click over to our Garment Stenciling Page. You’ll find many tips and hints about how to make this venture most successful.

You can find these stencils at Free Christmas Stencils and Christmas Tree Stencils (Just click below for the free printable stencils and more information about stenciling on fabric).

The Magic of Stencils

Stencils get you started and then you use your creativity to personalize the image. After all it is art! And you are the Artist.

This is a two-layer (or two overlay) stencil that I used for this project. A two layer stencil is a great way to get two (or more) colors on an image (notice the purple and yellow). Two overlay stencils are a bit more complicated and more work is involved but it’s well worth it!

The first color (purple) was painted on using the outline of the ornament and the second color (yellow) was painted on through the openings (islands) of the stencil.

Christmas is the Best Season for Crafting

Arts and crafts are great any time of year but the Holidays offer so many opportunities to create. Between the decorations and gifts to make, if you love to create the entire Holiday season is like Christmas morning.

This is the Retro Tree Design. It's a fun spin on an old fav!

Just a couple of notes here on ways to add personality to your Christmas Art Projects and Homemade Christmas Crafts. Notice on the red napkin there are some small white wisps of paint on each purple ornament to give them a shiny, glossy look. Once you get your image in place with the stencil, use lighter colors in small amounts to create highlights or a darker shade to create shadows. This will add life and depth to your painting and make it look more hand painted.

The next tip is the ribbon used in place of a napkin ring. Like this one, ribbons add a nice splash of color. Plus they can make different colored napkins blend well together.

The Christmas Tree

Here is a simple Christmas Tree. Notice how the trees sport two slightly different colors. Once you've painted the trees on with the stencil, use a small paint brush to create branches with another green.

Also, it’s a little hard to see, but I ran a darker yellow along the lowest parts of each arm on the star for a little shadow effect.

The Bountiful Flying Reindeer

Well, I hope you enjoy some stenciled napkins in your Homemade Christmas Crafts this year.

Don’t forget that they aren’t just for your table. They can make a nice gift. You can make a beautiful set to give or line a basket using painted napkins and fill it with baked goodies. Hmmmmmm!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Stenciling,