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Oriental Design Stencils

Oriental stencil designs, like these koi stencils, can add a clean burst of color to an otherwise plain piece of furniture. So, don’t throw old furniture away – redecorate it!

This was an easy project mostly because working with small pieces is so convenient. They’re much easier to maneuver than a large dresser and when finished it’s easier to find a space for them in your home. I don’t know about your house but small stools like this one come in handy for an extra seat or a step up to the top shelf. I couldn’t believe it when my neighbor had it out for the trash. What a find! All it needed was a quick base of black spray paint and my canvas was ready for art.

Since the top of the stool was round I was inspired to find a stencil to mimic the shape. This Yin Yang Koi Stencil was perfect. Not to mention the color choices that work well with the fish stand out so well on the black background.

Make sure your surface paint is not too glossy or slick that the stencil paints won’t bead up. If you are spray painting a base coat, use a flat paint (you can always come back with a clear coat for protection and beauty when the project is finished). If your item already has a base coat and it’s glossy, just lightly sand it down with a fine sand paper.

Trash to Treasure

Once your background color is in place, line up your stencil overlays and start painting. If you are new to working with Multi Overlay Stencils, check out this great article on Stencil Patterns.

I want to show you what the stool looked like when I picked it up from the trash. I love before-and-after stories. This cute little guy had so much potential that I just couldn’t let him end up in the land fill. And now it’s a great accent, that doesn’t take up much room and I am even surprised at how often it comes in handy! If you come across a stool like this, now you’ll know what you can do with it. Or maybe there is already one hiding in your garage or attic that is calling for a re-do.

I love to work with Chinese Stencils and design patterns because they offer images that can either be used with very subdued colors for a spa effect or very vibrant colors that interest to anything.

Painted Koi Pond

Here’s a close up view of the painting. I used a light yellow for the center circle because it was a coordinating color for the room where I planned to keep the stool. But a nice light water blue would have worked well too. So always remember that when planning a project the final destination for your artwork should be considered. Having a good plan before starting work will give you the greatest chance for success!

You can use any stencil for this project, but if you like the Yin Yang Koi Stencils you can find it in the Oriental Designs Book of Stencils as a download so you can get your project started now (just look in the right column and scroll down a bit). Or if you don’t mind waiting on the mail man to deliver a book in print go to our Printable Stencil Pattern Books in Print.

Free Fish Stencil

You’ll have fun creating and showing off this koi stencils stool. This project should get you thinking about all of the possibilities for designing art for your home. I hope you are inspired to create some great works of art with stencils!

Happy Stenciling!


P.S. Looking for more fish stencils? Here's a free stencil for you to print and paint. Isn't it an angel?

There are so many ways to bring the sea to life in your home. Just keep an eye open for crabs, shells, jellyfish and even dolphin stencils.

Stay awhile and browse through all of the other ideas we share on Stenciling and way beyond!

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