How to make a mummy necklace

Hey Mummy! Let's do Some Halloween Crafts!

Let's make a mummy necklace and get all wrapped up with Halloween Crafts!

How to Make a Mummy Necklace:

Halloween craft time is coming! Well, here’s a really cute way to allow your spirits to take flight and decorate yourself with a mummy necklace. It’s easy to make and oh so cute (for a guy that’s been dead for 3000 years).

Here’ a few of the things you need. I always try to use things you might already have around the house because when I get an idea going, I want to do it right away without running to a special craft supply store to get stuff. I bet you feel the same way.

Pieces and Parts!

Here's a list of the Bits and Scraps You'll Need:



Black Felt or Flat Back Stones for the Eyes
Glue (Hot Glue works best because it’s done quick but if the kids are involved better go with Elmer's or such)

Tea Bags (Optional for dying cheesecloth)

Hole Punch Tool and Scissors

For an aged look, soak the cheesecloth in water with a tea bag and then rinse thoroughly. Let dry and cut into one yard sections. From that, cut thin strips (1” to 1-1/2” wide) along the length of the cloth. You should end up with strips a yard long.

Cut out pieces of cardboard in an oval shape about 2” tall and 1-1/2” wide. Use a hole punch tool to put a hole in the top.

Use the hole punch tool to punch circles from black felt for the eyes. (You can also use sequins or flat back jewels for a classier mummy).

Glue one end of a cloth strip to one side of the card board oval in the middle vertically and horizontally just above the center. Flip it over and lay the strip of cloth over the face. Glue the eyes.

Continue wrapping your Mummy letting the eyes peak through! When you feel like he’s all wrapped up, just clip the remaining cloth and glue the edge to the back of the card board.

Let's Wrap This Up!!

Sometimes I put a little spot of glue on the back to hold the cloth in place as I wrap. This is especially helpful when you need to wrap the top and the bottom.

Have you noticed that I used the cloth to cover some of the edges of his eyes? I'm not sure the look is authentic because I've never seen a real Mummy, but I imagine if he's been sitting around for thousands of years in a box, he's bound to be a little ruffled. At least that's the way it works around my house.

Every Mummy Needs A Place to Hang!

Use the tip of the scissors to open up the hole in the top of the head and string a small piece of the cheese cloth strip (about four or five inches long) through the hole... (Hint: you may need to twist the end of the cheese cloth strip to get it into a point to thread through the hole.) ...and tie it onto just about the center of a one yard strip of cheese cloth.

You can tie this knot tight to the necklace string or leave a little room for him to hang low. I always leave the ends of the cloths because they ravel and just look good (ghoulish!)! Besides, the long ends help keep the string from untying. Then tie a knot in the one yard strip!

Your Mummy is Done!

Some of the variations I've played with are: I've used a gray half jewel for the eyes and that gives him more of a glassy eyed gaze.

You can dye the cheesecloth any color you want! I've made the mummy with the tea dyed cloth and then hung him from strings of black, orange, red or green cheese cloth.

A friend of mine wanted to use this idea for a Halloween Craft Project for here child's class. So we put the whole thing together and we were amazed at the ideas that the kids came up with. Their way of crafting is so unique and uninhibited. So, this is a good project for kids too but you might want to let them use regular glue instead of the hot glue gun.

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Happy Halloween,


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