making a bottle cap zombie choker

Making Halloween Jewelry for The Well Dressed Zombie

Zombies are the latest craze with all the gory television shows about the un-dead holding our interests. So, for Halloween, dressing like a zombie is a must! (Pssst! Click on the image below to see the matching earrings!)

Of course, I really don’t think even the well-dressed zombie is very concerned with jewelry but what the heck! Let’s have some fun with it anyway!

What You’ll Need -

Here are a couple of items to collect:

One bottle cap

A small length of cheesecloth (long enough to tie a nice bow and wrap around your neck)

A short piece of ball-chain (like from an old ceiling fan pull) long enough to circle the outside of the flattened bottle cap

Two ¾” claw clasp crimps to ensnare the frayed ends of the cheesecloth and attach the clasp and ring (you can get these at any craft supply store or on-line)

One clasp and ring set with a couple of jump rings (you can get these at any craft supply store or on-line)

(If some of these items are not familiar to you, just check out Basic Jewelry Making to get familiar with the components to make jewelry and how to put them together.)

How to Make the Zombie Charm -

Using a small pair of needle nose pliers, gently pull open the edges of the bottle cap. Then use a small hammer to flatten it completely. Most bottle caps have a rubber or plastic gasket at the center so if you can clean this off do so but if not don’t stress out. I find sometimes it comes off easy after hammering and sometimes I just cannot get it off at all. No matter you’re gonna cover it with the Zombie face anyway. Then, spray paint black (at least the front or inside of the bottle cap but I always paint both sides just in case).

While the paint is drying, migrate to your computer and find an image of a Zombie Face you like. Print the image so that it will fit into the circle of the flattened bottle cap and cut out in a circle. When the paint is dry, set the picture on the bottle cap and cover the image with clear fingernail polish (you can paint it on slowly but I like to pour it on carefully because I’m not so patient). I pick up bottles of clear fingernail polish at those stores where everything is one dollar. Let this dry overnight.

Spread a light bead of jewelry glue around the outside edge of the flattened bottle cap and arrange the ball-chain in a neat circle.

Side Note: You can use silver ball-chain which you may have hanging around the house left-over from a home project. But I used black ball-chain which I picked up at the local hardware store. Just sayin’!

Making the Choker Necklace for the Bottle Cap Zombie

(Now, you’re gonna need the matching earrings, right? No problem! When you finish making the bottle cap black zombie choker go to Making Bottle Cap Black Zombie Earrings just like the ones pictured here.)

OK! Put the charm on the side because it’s time to work on the choker necklace.

I took a piece of cheesecloth, dyed it black and hung it to dry. Then I cut a length of about 18” by 3” to 4”. I laid the length out and tied a bow in the center then held it up to my neck and cut the back sides where they met. Here’s a tip – You want the choker to be tight enough to hold the zombie charm upright but lose enough that it’s comfortable to wear. Cheesecloth is good for this because it’s soft against the skin.

Attaching the Hook and Clasp

I secured each end with a ¾” claw clasp crimp (you can get these at any craft supply store or on-line). These guys are just a bent over piece of metal with claws on the inside. You have to wiggle the cheesecloth into the open end of the crimp and then using a small pair of pliers, shut the claw which will ensnare the cheesecloth. After that connect a ring and clasp to each crimp with jump rings.

Glue the flattened bottle cap zombie charm in the middle of the bow. I used a hot glue gun.

That’s it! Easy which is what Making Halloween Jewelry should be. After all, you’re not going to wear it all the time just a few days out of the year.

Well, Happy Haunting!