making a jewelry frame

A Beautiful Way to Display and Store Your Jewelry

See how you can turn an old picture frame into a unique way to keep your jewelry!

Costume jewelry is both cheap to acquire and easy to make so you could end up with a lot of it. That could create a mess because tangled chains and earrings are hard to organize. Well, here’s a neat solution…use an old frame and create a decorative way to arrange all your jewelry.

Oh! So you want to try your hand at making your own stuff! No problem. Just go to Basic Jewelry Making. It covers how to connect the basic pieces and then you can grow from there. You’ll also find many ideas about what you can create with those new skills.

You probably have some old picture frames hanging around the house. Maybe you don’t want to get rid of them because they came from a relative or have sentimental value or they just appeal to you in some way. If you don’t then visit a nearby thrift store or flea market and take your pick.

Once you have your frame chosen remove the glass and any hardware that held in the picture (leave any hardware on it that was for hanging if you want to hang it when done). Cut a piece of fabric, netting or screen the size of the picture and staple or hot glue to the inside edges where the glass set.

You may find it easier to staple or glue the fabric before you cut it to size.

Hinged Matching Frames for Double the Display Space

Here are two variations of using old frames as a jewelry organizer.

I used a piece of burlap for the light tan and green frame. It kind of gives it a rustic look and matches very well to the frame colors.

I had a pair of old green and gold frames that came from my grandmother’s house (they once had some old landscape painting reproductions). I joined them together with small hinges so they can stand in the corner of the counter. I covered the back of these with black screen fabric purchased at the hardware store.

So it’s easy to see that earrings just hang in there naturally but are you wondering how I got the necklaces to hang? That’s easy too! I used a few of the empty earring findings and secured those to the fabric by the small loop side. This way the large loop that usually goes through your ear is available to hold your necklaces, bracelets or chains.

Once you have completed the frame you can sit it on a counter or hang it anywhere just like you would if it still had the picture in it. Imagine a gilded frame sitting on an ornate easel. You could hinge a frame and use it as a door to a cabinet.

These two options are more traditional but if your tastes are different there is always a frame to fit your style.

Now get creative! Go find different shaped frames instead of the 8x10’s or 5x7’s. I’m sure you can find all kind of funky and unique options. That’s what is so fun about projects like these. I throw an idea out there and you can take it and run with it. Share your end project with all of us.

So, keep crafting and take care!