making a velvet jewelry pouch

A Pouch, A Purse, A Handbag, An Evening Bag...

This is a great project to make a little bag for an after 5 affair or a gift or any feminine accent you may require.

I’m from New Orleans and in New Orleans we have Mardi Gras Balls! They can be very dressy affairs and I found it good to have just a small pouch for some personal items that can be wrapped around my wrist. It needs to be elegant but small enough not to be in the way. After all there’s the dancing and the socializing! So I decided on making a velvet jewelry pouch of my own just like they wore back in the day!

Well, if you don’t attend balls or other such affairs you may try making a velvet jewelry pouch to travel and keep your jewelry in or maybe you just think they are lovely and want to have one hanging from a mirror as an elegant feminine accent.

No matter! They are simply beautiful and really not hard to make. In fact, now that I’m looking at them it’s more the gorgeous velvet, shiny satin ribbons, with the sparkly beads and tassels than the pattern or work put into it that make them lovely.

Cutting the Velvet for Your Jewelry Pouch

I started making a velvet jewelry pouch with a couple of pieces of velvet left over from other projects and folded over to make sure I could get two pieces cut from the same remnant. I cut a line straight for the top of the bag. Then one piece with a rounded, half circle bottom. The other was cut with a point so it looks like a shield or a crest. Remember, you need to have two pieces of each for the front and back.

Now let’s talk about size. There’s no exact pattern for making a velvet jewelry pouch so it can be whatever size you want your bag to be (how much goodies do you have to put in it?). If you allow a 1/2“ seam line and you want an opening of 8” then make sure your top line is 9”. So, whatever size you want to opening of the bag to be cut it roughly 1” larger to allow for the ½” seam on each side.

Same thing for the depth. It can be as deep as you want but of course it is restricted to the piece of fabric you have.

Now cut out two pieces exactly like these for the lining.

Sewing the Velvet Jewelry Pouch

With right sides together, sew along the bottom of the bag for the velvet and for the lining leaving an opening in the seam on both sides of the velvet and lining from about 1” from the top line to 2” from the top. In other words, you will stitch the pieces together starting at the top and when you get to about 1”, lift the foot of the sewing machine and advance the fabric another 1” before you begin sewing again. This will be the opening that you’ll use to run the drawstring through. The inch at the top will create a ruffle when the drawstring is pulled tight.

When Velvet bag and lining are sewn as described above, turn the velvet to the right side out and stuff the lining inside the bag so that when you look inside you’ll see the right side of the fabric. Roll the ends of the velvet and lining toward the inside and top stitch together along the top of the bag.

Creating A Channel for the Drawstring

Now, line up the 1” openings and sew a seam through the lining and velvet starting at the top of the opening and circling the bag until you have crossed the top of the opening on the other side and made it back to the top of the opening where you started. Do the same for the bottom of the opening. You will have created a channel to run your drawstring through.

You’ll need two pieces of ribbon or string for your drawstring. They should both be long enough to circle the bag at the top and then have some overlap. Using a safety pin attached to the end start by working one of the drawstrings through the channel from either side of the bag and push it through until it is where it started. Do the same with the second drawstring but start from the opposite side of the bag than the first drawstring.

Secure your drawstrings in any creative way you can think of. If you just want to tie a knot, that works just fine. If you want to string beads on the ribbons that’s great too. You can make it as simple of as ornate as you want.

The Art Nouveau Bleeding Heart and Classic Stencils

The stencils used here are from our sister site at which has many free stencils (including these). I’m sure that if you have any other image in mind, they’ll have it too. And if you need any tips on stenciling that’s the place to find the answers.

The Finished Jewelry Pouches

I have three finished velvet jewelry pouches that I wanted to share with you and point out some of the various ways I decorated them!

The one above is the semi-circle bottom bag with the Art Nouveau Bleeding Heart Stencil. I used a gold velvet ribbon as drawstring and just tied simple little bows in the ends. The lining is white cotton with little roses.

You know, before you sew up the lining you could add pockets to either or both sides if that will help your organization. Just a thought for you to consider before you start making a velvet jewelry pouch.

The second little velvet jewelry pouch was made from some leftover upholstery fabric I had. As you can tell it is a very rich red and the gold paint of the stencil makes a brilliant contrast. I used a thin gold cording with beads and tassels. This bag is made from the crest pattern so it has a point at the bottom. I used this opportunity to embellish with yet more beads and tassels. I made this one a little larger than the other two because I had plenty of this fabric left over.

View of the Back With Wallet Attachment

If you intend to use these bags to keep your jewelry in and for traveling, you may want to use California Silver Cloth for the lining. This cloth will keep your silver from turning and is a great soft fabric for any of your fine jewelry.

Last but not least is my favorite velvet jewelry pouch. I love the soft pink in contrast to the start black stencil and embellishments. I used a dainty black rope for the drawstring. Then I glued on some gems at the points on the stencil for even more flair. This is also a crest pattern bag so I attached a black tassel and bead from the bottom.

And that’s it for Making A Velvet Jewelry Pouch! Next you should try Making Jean Purses! It’s a great way to turn old jeans into a useful purse.

Take care and keep in touch!