making ball jar candle holders

Made for a Romantic Wedding

If you're looking for a new way to display some beautiful old lace and enjoy a romantic glow then making ball jar candle holders is just what you need to try.

My niece’s wedding and reception took place at sunset under the large moss covered oaks of a Southern Plantation. To accent the mystical romance of the scene, we decorated Ball Jars and as the sun set we lit each one for a warm glow.

Each one was different and I wanted to share with you how we used spare remnants of lace, leftover portion of ribbon and other things found around the house. It was easy to do and so much fun once we sat down with all the options in front of us.

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Short Round Ball Jar with Antique Wedding Lace

The wedding is past but these jars have found places in my home! I love a warm bubble bath on a cold night with a couple of glowing candles. They make a beautiful arrangement in the center of my dining table too!

Did you know that Ball Jars come in a few different sizes? This one is short and stout and almost has a square shape. It’s covered with a scrape of wedding dress lace and a brown velvet ribbon wrapped around the top. An ivory cabochon bouquet was glued over the meeting of the ribbon ends.

I keep an eye out for wedding dresses going cheap at thrift stores. They provide an explosion of opportunities for small crafts like this. You may notice some of the other items reclaimed from these dresses in this project like satin buttons and pearls.

Of course you are not restricted to Ball Jars and if you're only making a couple for around the house then empty pickle jars or even a spare glass works well too!

Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts

This jar is tall but it does not have the usual pickle jar shape because it doesn’t taper in at the top where the lid attaches. From the top of the jar it only slightly tapers in to the bottom so it’s a great shape to put a candle in.

Did you notice? More wedding dress lace! It’s finished with a piece of ivory ribbon and a vintage button. Perfect for weddings but luxurious any time really!

Sometimes I buy wedding dresses at the thrift stores and use the lace and other baubles that I can get off of them. If you can find them cheap and richly embellished it’s well worth the money.

I have an old stocking box full of hankies that came from a favorite aunt. But who uses hankies anymore, right? So I cut this one in half (so it could cover two jars – when 110 candle holders are needed you have to stretch out your resources) and wrapped it around the jar with a lavender ribbon covering the top. Isn’t it beautiful how the candle flame lights up the embroidery.

Pairing a Tall Ball Jar and a Vintage Handkerchief

So basically any old thing that has a shear or almost shear property will work. That opens the door to many things. I bet if you look around the house you’ll find some old clothes or tablecloths or even some of Grannie’s crocheted doilies that you haven’t had the heart to throw out. This is a perfectly interesting way to preserve things without just setting them on a table.

One more note before I let you go! On a few of these, instead of a vintage button or other ornament I put a sealed wax stamp with the initial of the Grooms last name. So if it’s a wedding or another occasion that you are making these, that’s a great way to make it very personal and what a keepsake!

Ok! I just added a quirky spin-off of this idea. As I said the wedding that inspired these took place in October and what's in October? Halloween! So if you liked this idea and need some quick and spooky Halloween decorations, check out Making Mummy Candle Jars!

OK! You’re on your own now so go and create beautiful!