making bottle cap skull cameo earrings

The Best Dressed Skeleton

Mix it up this Halloween by smearing lovely into gory!

It’s fun to have jewelry for Halloween but you certainly don’t want to pay a lot of money for it, right? Well then you’ll love this because it just doesn’t get any cheaper.

Using Bottle Caps for Jewelry Making

These were made with bottle caps! Yeah! You read that right! Bottle caps! I collected these from a neighbor restaurant that has a collector bin underneath the bottle opener (yeah they still exist).

I used a small hammer and pliers to reshape the bottle caps where they were bent from being pried off the bottle. Then washed them very good, let them dry and spray painted black.

Now, I used pliers to open up the edges just a small amount so that the scalloped edges displayed better. You can leave them closed or open them up all the way. In fact, if you can get your hands on many bottle caps then try to get different looks and see what you like best. I even hammered a few completely flat.

I punched holes in the sides with a small hole punch tool and a hammer (one at the top and three along the bottom – one centered and one on each side, two ridges from center). See the image below.

Decorating the Bottle Cap with the Skull Cameo and More!

I found an image I liked (the lovely little Skull Cameo), sized it to fit inside the round opening and printed (this may take a few tries for sizing whether you are doing this with the software or in your printer set up). Cut the image to fit, place in the bottle cap and cover with clear finger nail polish. Let that dry overnight.

I used a small piece of chain (4 links) between one jump ring attaching it to the bottle cap top center hole and an earring .

I attached one length of chain with jump rings from the two outer bottom holes. Then added a couple of beads onto a head pin, created a loop and connected it to the hole in the center at the bottom.

If you are new to this craft and need some more information, just click on Basic Jewelry Making.

Now, this is the part I love. I am sharing with you my completed project but yours can (and should) be very different. First of all, find the image that best describes your idea of Halloween (this is a Skull Cameo but do you think Mummies, Zombies, Vampires, Spiders…what is it?).

I told you earlier that you can shape the bottle cap however you want and that doesn’t just mean that it has to be uniformly opened or closed. You could use a pliers to pry open every other ridge or every third or so on… Get it? You are the designer and whatever you want goes!

You can put more holes to hang beads and baubles or you can skip the dangling ornaments altogether.

Complete the Scare with a Skull Choker

Hold on! The well dressed skeleton does not go out without a matching jewelry ensemble. So, before you leave the house Make a Bottle Cap Skull Cameo Choker to go with those earrings!

Well that’s all about Making Bottle Cap Skull Cameo Earrings! Hope you like this idea and come back for more. Happy Haunting!