making glass tile jewelry

Beautiful, Sparkling, Colorful Glass!

Glass is beautiful! Sand and fire come together at the hand of an artist to produce gems that are both manmade and natural, beautifully colored and magically shaped. So, it lends itself very well to making jewelry.

These gems are Mosaic Iridescent Glass Tiles found at the local craft supply store. You can find them in bags sorted by different colors or variety packs. Shapes are square and rectangular. Although I’ve recently seen some oval shapes. The recommended use is to fill a vase or pressed into plaster but we’re going to do something really exciting with them! Make Glass Tile Jewelry!

There’s no exact procedure for doing any of these. I am just sharing with you how I used the glass tiles to make jewelry. So, follow along and then put your creativity to work!

Basically what I’ve done is wrap wire around the glass tiles in a way to cradle the glass tile securely so it will not slide out of any gaps. While wrapping the wire, I would slide on a crystal, bead or charm. At the bottom of the glass tile, I left a large loop of wire and then twisted it at the glass to secure it yet leave a ring to hang a crystal. At the top, I made a couple of large loops for the necklace and then wrapped the remaining wire to finish it off. That’s it!

Now check out some of the variations I came up with and then you try!

I love the iridescence in this glass tile. It’s clear…but wait…it’s blue…no, gold!...aahhh! now it’s pink! The garden of colors required a butterfly and very thin silver wire was used so as not to distract from the glass tile.

Cobalt Blue Glass

This cobalt blue glass tile is accented with a very thin silver wire that I twisted and looped a few more times than necessary to add an artsy flair. The gold crystals made a great contrast while the blue and clear crystals mimic the tile.

In case you are wondering what I used to make the necklace it’s cheese cloth! I cut the length of cheese cloth in 18” sections and dye them different colors. Then I cut the dyed sections into long strips, slide on a pendant and tie the ends. It’s easy, makes a nice casual lacy finish and best of all it’s soft around your neck. Don’t fret about the width to cut each strip. Make them different widths and you’ll find each lends a unique look. Pull the strips through your fingers to tame the loose ends for a clean look or pull the strip wide to fluff the edges for an airy wispy look.

An Oblong Tile with Copper Wire

The copper wire I used to bind this baby blue glass tile was a little thicker than usual and just to let you know I got it at the local hardware store and not a craft supply store. Keep an open mind and you can find all kinds of goodies in unsuspected places.

The glass tile is iridescent and when the light catches it the right way a copper shine appears so I ended up going a little crazy with the wire. It was so much fun twisting and looping trying to catch that glimmer. Well at least the glass tile is well secured!

I even went a little overboard looping the wire extending from the bottom. But I like it. So, the moral of this is…if the mood hits you, go with it! Notice that I slid one copper and one clear bead on the loops for the necklace. It added a little bling at the top. What do you think?

Green Tile and Red Accents for a Christmas Theme

This one kinda looks like a Christmas Present don’t you think? Maybe it’s because I wrapped the wire around all of the sides so it looks like a ribbon and of course the green glass tile. Plus the copper wire looped on the front resembles a bow. But you could wear this any time of the year.

I’ve always been told that green and orange do not go together but somehow this emerald glass tile is beautiful wrapped in copper wire.

There are no rules here. Just follow your heart and let the design flow. If the wire goes one way and you don’t like it, unwrap and go the other way.

Same Idea with Sea Glass

When I was a child we would collect Sea Glass at the lake.

It was so plentiful that we didn’t think too much of it but recently I had a piece in my hand and rolling it over I noticed the beauty in it. It was translucent yet opaque. The edges once sharp were now smooth and soft. I was inspired! You’ll find Making Sea Glass Jewelry very similar to Making Glass Tile Jewelry!

Enjoy! Take Care and Keep Crafting!