making mummy candle jars

It's Halloween! So Let's Light Up a Mummy!

It's easy to add a spooky glow to your Halloween decorations by making mummy candle jars. Yep! It's time again to get all wrapped up with Halloween Crafts!

Making Mummy Candle Jars

For my niece’s mid-October Wedding, we were putting together some candle holders using ball jars, lace, satin ribbons, dyed cheesecloth and vintage buttons (check out Ball Jar Candle Holders). With Halloween in the air, I started to put together a plan to make some cute Mummy Jar Candle Holders for the Holiday with some of the same stuff (this is the picture of the finished idea just to get you motivated). So here’s what I did…

What You Need to Make a Mummy Candle Jar

First, I gathered the stuff I could use to make mummies. I had a few ball jars left over from the wedding decorations but I looked around the house for other items that would work just as well. Besides the ball jars, I used an old candle in a glass jar, an empty pickle jar and a drinking glass that I was willing to part with (didn’t match anything else I had anyway).

I had some left over cheesecloth too. If you need to buy some it’s very cheap and you can usually get it at a local dollar or hardware store.

Also, I pulled out some small pieces of black felt that I had for the eye sockets!

Pulling Your Mummy Together

I soaked the cheesecloth in a bath of water with a couple of tea bags to give it that ancient, dusty look and hung it to dry. When dried thoroughly I cut a length large enough to wrap around the jar at least once (twice is OK) and used the hot glue gun to secure it around the top and the bottom.

I found that after the wash and dry, the corners of the cheesecloth twisted up and made a nice dangling straggler that when left to hang looks like the mummy is coming undone (Oooohhhh, scary, right?).

I cut out the eye sockets from the black felt in the shape of a kidney bean and used the hot glue gun to secure them on top of this first layer of cheesecloth.

Wrapping Up The Mummy

I cut long narrow strips from the cheesecloth to wrap the mummy. Now, don’t get worried about how thick you should make the strips. They can be an inch or 2 inches or whatever. They don’t even have to be the same width along the length of a strip. In fact, different widths are good because after all it’s a worn out old mummy you’re making after all, right?

I used the strips to wrap the mummy and secured them now and again with the glue gun. Now if you do this project, think about how much light you want coming through and that will tell you how much to wrap your mummy. If you want it bright then only wrap a little but if you want a faint glow wrap some more. Keep wrapping until you get the look you want. If you do a few like I did above you can make them all different!

I used some tea light candles inside but those safe LED lights are great too! They don’t heat up and there’s no flame to worry about. Just be safe no matter what! OK?

More Ways to Celebrate the Mummy

This was an easy project and it’s loads of fun! And what a cute decoration. Not to mention it’s a great way to recycle some old jars. I hope you enjoyed this idea about Making Mummy Candle Jars.

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Happy Haunting!