making skull cabochon jewelry

Jewelry That's Both Beautiful and Creepy

Anyone who has the money to go out and buy jewelry to wear for Halloween is not reading this! So for the rest of us, who are looking for a fun project making custom costume jewelry on a budget, check this out!

These are images of skulls printed on my Desktop Printer, cut to fit a Cabochon Setting and covered with clear fingernail polish. Is that scary simple or what?

First, a Cabochon is a gem which is polished and not faceted. Cabochon Settings are the small frames that hold the gem. You can find them at any craft supply store and most certainly on-line.

Oh Wait! In case you are new to this realm of design and need to know how to connect the pieces for example, just visit Basic Jewelry Making to get started!

So where to get images? Look in magazines or even on-line. Note: if you search for pictures on-line make sure you use a term like “copyright-free.”

A Skull for Every Frame

The only real challenge is getting your image to be the right size. You’ll have to resize it on your computer or within the settings of your printer. It may take several tries. I usually copy the image several times across a page in the software I use so that when it comes out right I have a few copies of it.

About the software: if you have Photoshop that’s great! But if not don’t worry because you can copy and resize images into any Word Document (just left click on the picture and use the “grips” or little squares in each corner to enlarge or reduce).

I chose skulls here just because they are frightful yet artistically beautiful! But you can put any picture in there. Like Zombies? Or blood and gore? It’s up to you!

Not only do you get to personalize the image you want to wear, you get to choose from many cabochon setting styles. Some have ornate scroll work edging, can be round or square and I even have some with a dragon scroll circling the frame (see below).

I chose these plain square silver ones for this project because they were the best match with the images I printed and show up best in photos.

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This Skull is a Lady!

Isn’t this one lovely! Funny to describe a skull that way but no other word says it better. I know an anthropologist can tell if a skull is male or female but we can all see that this is a lady.

I mentioned using images for this project from what’s around you but have you ever thought about using the resources of your area for making jewelry. If you live by the sea or water you may be able to find shards of glass that have been smoothed by the waves and sand. Well, it may sound strange but you have to see the possibilities of Making Sea Glass Jewelry for yourself!

More Unique Cabochon Choices

These are my favorite cabochon settings especially for Halloween. They work great for antique or Making Renaissance Jewelry too. I got them on etsy and they were reasonably priced (under $5 for 10).

Notice that the lower jaw bone didn’t quite make it into the frame. Well, that was my choice. Because the image is tall and thin, to fit into a round frame I could either shorten the image so that the left over portion fills the frame or I could make the image smaller but it would have some black space on either side. I decided to fill the frame with the most appealing part. What would you do?

One Final Skull

Here’s a last minute one I threw together with an extra print from the first one pictured above. Notice how much darker the image appears in the brass frame compared to the silver frame above. It is a little spookier being darker and having the flowers trimmed off. However the brass frame is a good match for Halloween Jewelry!

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Thank you for visiting Making Skull Cabochon Jewelry and I hope you enjoyed this project. Try some of the other ideas here at Designs From Penny!

Take care and Happy Haunting,


By the way...if you noticed that duplicate image above and it aggravates you, I want you to know that I cannot get rid of it no matter what and it aggravates me even more! apologies!