making wine bottle jewelry

Wine...You Can Dress It Up And Take It Out!

This may be a bit of a stretch of looking for things to bedazzle but making wine bottle jewelry makes a great decoration and a fantastic gift for the wine snob in your life. Besides, if you’re bringing the spirit to the party why not dress it up for the occasion.

Before we get into the particulars of making wine bottle jewelry you need to know how to assemble the pieces. Go over to Basic Jewelry Making for those details. That’s where you can learn how to connect chain, charms, beads or crystals. If you already know all that, just read on for some ideas I came up with that you can duplicate or expand upon for your own designs.

I call this one Grape Leaf Wine Bottle Jewelry because the gold embellishment at the top is actually a grape leaf clasp. The short ring size chain that allows the jewels to hang on the bottle neck has both ends hooked on the grape leaf stem and the jewels are attached to more chains that hook onto the clasp ring which extends from behind the leaf. It’s finished with four crystals and a fleur-de-lis charm at the bottom.

Message On the Bottle

This is the Dream Catcher Wine Bottle Jewelry because of course the simple circular “Dream” charm dangling from the side. I found the charm on-line at e-bay. They are real cheap and come in the dozens. You can find whatever inspirational word that appeals to you (live, laugh, love, hope, etc.). The other components are a filigree cluster charm, an ornate fleur-de-lis, cobalt blue crystals and a very delicate silver chain.

The previous example that I showed you had a clasp at the top but this one does not and that’s OK. You can just slip the chain over the neck of the bottle if you want to permanently secure the chain to a charm in the front like here or in a ring (like the one below).

Making Jewelry From A Wine Bottle

Perhaps you stumbled upon this page because you were searching for information on Making Wine Bottle Jewelry but what you had in mind was making jewelry from the glass of wine bottles and not jewelry for spirits. If so, sorry you had to get this far before I could tell you that you can find that information at Making Tumbled Glass Jewelry where I show you how I made jewelry with broken pieces of wine and other bottles. Imagine a piece of one of these beautiful blue glass bottles, shiny and clear as a gem as the centerpiece of a pendant. Oh! Don’t worry! I’ll show you how to make the edges soft and smooth.

I mentioned earlier that this one (above) has a simple chain loop to slip over the wine bottle neck. From that loop hang a silver dragonfly charm, an elliptical “laugh” charm and one sea-green round faceted crystal. What’s most unique about this one is that the collection of chain and beads that dangle from the dragonfly are from an earring. If you have some old jewelry hanging around the house that you don’t use anymore, try to incorporate them into your design. I always say that recycling is the best way to move our current possessions from useless to awesome. If you don’t have any old jewelry to use than keep an eye open at thrift stores, garage sales or flea markets. They are a treasure trove of crafting supplies.

Well, I could go on and on! I must have made a hundred of these. But I’m going to stop there and let you take it from here.

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