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It's Time to Dress Up and Trick-or-Treat

Using Mask Patterns or Stencils to Create Your Own Halloween Masks and Costumes is easy and Fun!

What a scary thought? No costume ideas? Don’t scream! We have some great Printable Halloween Masks for you to design your own Halloween costume!

Looking for a ghoulishly good time this Halloween? You can extend the party and excitement by designing your own Halloween masks and costumes. It’s so easy and you’ll have a great time – I promise!

Dressing up for Halloween and going door to door for trick or treats is the highlight of the holiday. I can remember when I was young how thrilling it was to plan the costume usually starting weeks in advance. The excitement built up until I finally got to dress up and make my way along the street collecting all the special goodies. Back then we made our own costumes and the time we spent together preparing and crafting was the best part of all. It’s all a part of families sharing time together that makes any event special. Of course, back then we didn’t have printable Halloween stencils.

Want to be Cat Woman?

Well, times have changed, and we would like to present some printable Halloween mask patterns to get your costume started. They were designed as a fun way to get the kids involved and a great Halloween craft project that you can do with them. What does that really mean? Well, they’re pretty easy and fun to make.

Feel like a feline? Then be a black cat. Make the Cat Half Mask and complete the costume with a black turtle-neck shirt, black leggings and a black feather boa for a tail.

To complete your cat theme, don't miss these Cat Stencils for Pumpkin Carving.

Create Halloween Masks from Stencils

So, you want to know exactly how to use a stencil to make a Halloween mask? A stencil is a template used to create identical objects every time it is used. We often think of stencils being used to create lettering or pictures with paint. These fun craft masks are created by cutting out pieces of felt or craft foam and gluing them together. It’s not too far of a stretch from the paint method and I think you’ll enjoy the outcome.

You can find the skull stencil at Printable Halloween Stencils. All I did was cut out the pattern from a piece of white felt and glued it onto a sheet of black felt. Then cut out the outline, eyes, nose and mouth. It was completed with holes punched on the sides at about temple height and ribbons attached so that you can tie it behind your head.

Also, because they are printable, you can adjust the size to fit by reducing or enlarging on a copy machine. That means that they can be made for adults or children. Why not have some real fun and dress the whole family in the same costume (like a pack of wolves or a band of dead pirates)?​

Free Printable Wolf Mask Pattern

Feel like howling at the moon? Then you should try out the Wolf Half Mask pattern. It’s easy to make from grey felt or craft foam and gluing on a couple of white fangs and a shiny black nose. Just complete the costume with a gray t-shirt and gray sweat-pants.

OK! So cats and dogs aren't your thing. What about a dead pirate? You can find the free pattern and how to finish it off at Halloween Mask and Costume Ideas (just click here)!

Big fan of pirates? The Pirate Skull Half Mask is a great way to make your own costume and it can’t get any easier. It even comes with a pattern to make a sword. Just complete the costume with a blousy white shirt, an old pair of jeans that are cut ragged at the bottom, a wide leather belt and an old pair of boots. To get the mask pattern and more ideas for completing the outfit go to Printable Halloween Mask.

These Halloween stencils and patterns were designed as masks but they can be used for a large variety of other Halloween crafts such as: paint them on a bag for collecting your treats paint it on the corner of a napkin to decorate your festive table or paint it on colored paper for decorating the windows.

Ready to carve up a good time? Then go to Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils for a few crafty patterns for your Jack O Lantern.

Don’t be frightened to try something new and be creative. I hope your Halloween is a real Scream!
Happy Halloween and Happy Stenciling,