printable christmas stencils

Christmas Crafts

Enjoy this collection of Printable Christmas Stencils. Whatever you are working on, you can start painting with these now!

To print your Free Stencil Patterns, just right click on the image and select print or save if you’re on a PC or drag it into a document if you’re on a MAC. Also, I like to cover the paper with a protective coating like clear shelf liner before I cut out the openings. This way I can use the stencil again and again.

There are so many ways to use these cute Printable Christmas Stencils. One way is to get a hold of some plain solid colored bags (you can buy them in packs of 10 at the Discount Store) and decorate them to tuck your gifts in. Once you have stenciled these printable Christmas Stencils on the bag, finish off the wrapping with ribbons or garland. I like to tie a cute ornament onto the handle. I find ornaments that would be of interest to the receiver.

Ornaments and Ribbons

This is a beautiful stencil for making your Christmas Cards. Except instead of painting the design on a card do this: cut the pattern out of your card stock and glue colored paper behind it.

I like to cut the design out of the lower right quarter of a sheet of paper, fold the paper in four and then slide the colored paper behind the openings. Try it and I’ll bet you find a thousand ways to make your own cards for every occasion from now on!

Gingerbread Man Stencil

What's a more popular Christmas image than the tree? For a couple of cute ones go to Free Christmas Tree Stencils (Yep! They are free!).

Here’s a cute Printable Christmas Stencil that will work for so many of your Christmas Arts and Crafts. Of course, you can make some cookies but use him to make ornaments too. Just cut him out from brown felt and decoration him. Then hang a ribbon from a small hole in the top of his head.

Want to see a cute idea for this little gingerbread man? Then check out these Christmas Art Projects.

The Poinsettia Stencil

Working with paper stencils has a few advantages. You can adjust the size of your paper stencil to fit the size of your project. Just take the page to a copier and reduce or enlarge. Then cut out the stencil openings. It’s that easy.

This site is loaded with great Free Christmas Stencils and plenty of stenciling ideas on how to use them.

For a cute project idea using this Poinsettia, go to Christmas Art Activities.

You’ll find hours of fun creating and not to mention you may save a few dollars creating your own gifts, decorations and wrapping. Plus you’ll make some special folks very happy with all your creations (and you get to show off too - and that’s always fun)!

Merry Christmas and Happy Stenciling,