Printable Halloween Mask

The Pirate Skull Mask Pattern

Getting ready for the ghosts and goblins and need Printable Halloween Masks to complete your costume? No problem - we have just the thing for you!

Need to scare up a creative Halloween Costume? You just need an idea to start and everything else will fall into place. It’s so much more fun to make it yourself so here are a few quick Printable Halloween Masks and ideas to get you started! This one is FREE!

This Pirate Skull Mask Pattern is from our Free Halloween Stencils collection. The printable Halloween Mask below has all the instructions on it. It's easy enough! Just cut some pieces from stiff felt and glue together (like the picture).

How can you finish up these Pirate Mask Patterns? Aaaaarrrrgh! Well, take an old white t-shirt and cut some holes in it. Dirty it up with a black marker or maybe a little shoe polish. Take it outside and splatter it with red paint for a bloody effect.

Cut the legs from a pair of worn out jeans below the knee and fray the ends. Just cut them jagged and use a scissors to cut some frays straight up. And don't forget to cut a few other holes in them.

More Ways to Dress Up for Halloween

Wrap a flimsy piece of card board around the leg to look like wood. For a more realistic effect, take a black marker and run a few lines to give it the look of wood. Of course, tuck the bottom edge into an old boot.

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I find that thrift stores are the perfect place to find costumes. The variety can't be beat and the prices are perfect. I mean, who want to pay full price for clothes and then take them home to rip up and stain. Really?

Aren’t Printable Halloween Masks great? Just like printable stencils they can get you going on that project or idea now. You don’t have to get in the car and go shopping or wait for something to come in the mail.

This mask is designed to be cut from stiff felt but if you are painting with of the other Printable Halloween Stencils don’t forget to cover them with a coating of clear shelf liner before you cut out the openings so that you can use your stencil again and again.

Happy Halloween and Happy Stenciling,