wall stencils

Paint More Than Just Color

Wall stencils are the best way to add unique design elements to any room.

Turn a solid wall into a collage of patterns, colors and designs. Maybe even paint an entire scene simply by placing a few stencils to the wall and splattering on some paint.

If you want hand painted images on your wall and aren’t comfortable with free hand painting then stencils are your solution. Even if you have some skills with a paint brush, stencils allow you paint images that are always consistent. Of course a few Basic Stenciling Techniques can help make the completed design more detailed and beautiful. Yet even total novices can have a blast with a few small jars of paint and a pack of stencils, letting their imagination run wild with their stencil as their guide.

There are several different types of wall stencils. There are wallpaper patterns that repeat a single design covering an entire wall, wall stenciling borders and stencils that let you create murals. Here is a short discussion on each.

How to Apply Wallpaper Style Stencils

Secure the stencil to the wall with masking tape in each corner and apply paint into the openings of the stencil. When the stencil is removed, the design remains on the wall. If you are creating a repeating pattern, reattach the pattern in the next area and apply paint. Continue moving the pattern and painting until your wall is complete.

OK… There is more to it than that, but it just doesn’t make sense in words so here’s a video for you to watch how it’s done.

Borders and Friezes

Stenciling wall borders is easy with stencils. OK it may be time consuming but there is no better way to get a hand painted border on your walls.

Border stencils are lines of images that have a repeating or a few combined designs with a theme, such as seahorses and seashells, grapes and curling vines with leaves, or flowing roses. Most have registration marks to guide you in the placement of the stencil so that you can create a continuing pattern. To apply border wall stencils accurately, use a measuring tape or level and use painter’s tape to mark the lines of the top and bottom of the design. Once certain that the lines are straight, tape or hold the stencil against the wall and paint. Repeat the pattern all along the taped area for a beautiful border.

If you want to see this in video go to Stenciling Wall Borders.

Best Blank Canvas Ever...A Child's Room!

Decorating with wall stencils is great for any age group and can transform any room from boring to fabulous.

However, when decorating a child’s room, it can be a very fun and inexpensive way to carry out your theme. Create a Princess Bedroom with a castle fortress and maybe even a dastardly dragon (don’t forget the knight in shining armor). Maybe you have a little slugger that would like a baseball theme (or any sport for that matter). Combine alphabet stencils to print out your child’s name or any other sentiment. Wouldn’t it be fun to get the kids involved? I know…I know! You’ve always told them not to write on the walls. But it would be a great time to inspire their creativity too.

So far we talked about single images for wall stencils, repeating patterns (wallpaper) and stenciling wall borders but now I want you to stretch your imagination to its fullest limit. Consider painting a wall mural with stencils!

Many designers have created stencils that complete a scene like a garden or seaside. All you need to do is search for stencils that are in a related collection. Maybe you have a knack for combining individual stencil designs to create your own paradise. The possibilities are endless!

Well, I hope this has inspired you to create some great works of art with wall stencils!

Happy Stenciling,